It is always on my heart to make sure that we are updating and improving. Sometimes maybe to the point of obsessing. But truly – I want my viewers and readers to have the best service and best products. What I thought may have been great last month, might not be so this month. I did update the website and book covers again.

Website: www.thememoirsofsummerray.com

Summer Ray Books: https://thememoirsofsummerray.com/the-summer-ray-book-series/

Film Series: https://thememoirsofsummerray.com/a-redemption-in-time-series/

With so much information, I have had to separate the books from the film. I hope I have made things more user friendly. It isn’t easy trying to keep up with the changing of the times and still wanting to keep things upgraded and professional. Soon, I will have a Marketing Director and a Literary Agent to help with what I really am not that good at. But these professionals are definitely needed on our project.


We will not be traveling to Texas for the Content21 Film Festival. They are still going to play my pitch video for which I am extremely grateful.

I will know on September 9th if I won an award for “Best Feature Screenplay.” Fingers crossed! I have also entered another contest and will continue to enter more. I want to give our project as much exposure as possible. I now have a “writers credit” and I have registered the script with Writers Guild West. It has been registered with the Library of Congress for several years. I think after the script is produced, I can join WGA as a member which is very exciting.



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