The Silent Fields of Gettysburg


Many readers have followed the story of Summer Ray and have fallen in love with this captivating and fascinating woman. She has experienced life’s most painful and challenging misfortunes that almost broke her spirit. While she rejects any pity from others and remains defiant, she wears a mask on the outside to hide her true self. Summer longs to return to her former life and cannot accept the fact that is now impossible. She doesn’t yet understand that who-she-was, is not as wonderful as who-she-is becoming.

Summer longs for love but feels herself permanently unlovable because she in now dealing with multiple emotional issues. A tragic car accident has left her with Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Seeking solitude in, and on the silent fields of Gettysburg, she encounters others who are far worse off than she. The souls of the Union and Confederate ghost soldiers appear and open her eyes to the unspeakable agony and pain they experienced in battle. She feels an outpouring of compassion, an emotion she had not felt it its fullness before in her life.

Surrounding Summer are a multitude of young men; some missing limbs, all faceless, nameless and forgotten.


As she walks amidst this mysterious Unknown Ghost Army, she begins to understand the true horrors of war. Then, as the past and present collide, she is forced to think of more than just her own sorrows. Her life takes on a dramatic new dimension that had been lacking before.

Standing taller than others in this ghostly army, is the Union General Michael Moses McDaniels; a man who has held onto his bitterness and rage over the ages, a man whose heart was betrayed by his childhood sweetheart. Summer and the General McDaniels are polar opposites, in two very different time periods. But like a cataclysmic cosmic collision, fate has demanded they cross paths and confront each other’s world.

In this captivating and compelling story, the old General’s cold heart begins once more to feel the warmth of love through his encounter with Summer. A young girl whose dreams were ultimately crushed, becomes a beacon of hope for those lost in a sea of darkness. Like a lighthouse, Summer shines like a star and guides them safely home. This ultimately gives Summer an even greater purpose then the one she lost.

Standing with arms crossed, Summer looks out at the horizon with uncertainty in her eyes. She, at last realizes, a new-found strength that was forged in her struggle; a new beauty that was chiseled in pain.

Yet, the dark evil Prince of Gettysburg, Fallen Angel Woeburn, vowed to destroy her. Racing against time, Summer is facing a profound choice. Will she continue to fight for the peace of these ghostly soldiers, or will she give them up due to her own inner conflicts as a disabled woman? Will her faith in the God she loves stand the test of Woeburn’s assaults? Only time will tell…!