I am very happy that I stepped back from social media…but not my websites. I am still working. I just needed a break from the overwhelming posts. Many of those posts are toxic. And it was the toxicity that I needed to step away from. Something toxic is posion. This can enter into our own … More REFUELED!


I started writing Summer Ray back in February of 2009. It has grown beyond what I first imagined it would. In fact, my first book – Summer Ray A Gettysburg Untold, is the original Summer Ray book. It is out of print. But, it is amazing to me how much we have grown over the … More RADIANT WINNER!


Wow! I have been busy. But wanted to get on here and bring some much needed updates. Our pitch trailer will be ready in a month. This means we can launch our new fundraising campaign May 1st. I will add the links once I have them. I was thinking this morning about how some people … More AMAZE US ALL!