The top photo came up in my memories. Wow! I had no way of knowing back then, how the story would evolve from there. It expanded in ways, I could have never imagined as with each book, the story took on a life of its own. Now, here I am, finalizing the 8th volume, with … More STARTING SOON!


First Impressions “Typos? Poor grammar? Words like “u” and “plz.” Are you kidding? Could you show more disrespect for the person you are contacting, while also asking for money? There’s a total of 11 words in this sentence, “How do I get investors like Angel to cone on board” and this person couldn’t even bother … More TO GET IT RIGHT!!!


It takes a long time to get things, “pristine.” Two of the definitions are perfect and spotless. I think there will always be ways to improve the Summer Ray story. But there must come a time when we say, “This is as close to ‘mint condition‘ (another definition of pristine) as we can get it.” … More THE BEST TAKES TIME!


I just did a search to see how much of the globe Summer Ray is reaching; 28 countries so far. The website has 11,588 hits. We just needed 3,000 to attract investors. Wow! Thank You, God. I had no idea!!! I also want to thank all of you who take the time to read my … More GOING GLOBAL!