Got to love 2021! Okay, well sort of…not really? The vaccines I got in March, it took four months for me to get over. Then in the midst of that mess, I broke my left wrist in four places; then broke a rib; then got Covid. At this point, it is almost laughable! But some … More ONWARD TO 2022!


My goal for Summer Ray is to “Light the World,” by spreading the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ. But the story of Summer Ray woven into the pilot, “A Redemption in Time,” is not a Christian film. Christians watch Christian films more than those in the secular world. Our goal as previously stated, … More GOING GLOBAL!


In going through my websites, it is clear everything is outdated. It is defined as, “no longer current; obsolete; old fashioned,” or just old. LOL! But seriously, everything is so fast paced including technology. It took me like five years to learn how to use an android from a flip phone. My websites, including this … More THE WHOLE PICTURE!


Lunges are rough especially since I haven’t done them in so long. But with the extra muscle weight on my thighs, I need to get more flexible. I am also taking Jazzercise classes at Gettysburg https://www.jazzercise.com/location/jazzercise-battlefield-incentives and it is helping tremendously. The owner Tina, is amazing! Okay, so after a few tries, I was able … More FIGURE SKATING – OCTOBER 29, 2021