Focus is defined as “center of activity, center of attention to.” A few synonyms to focus are “centerpiece, spotlight, core, bull’s eye, point of convergence.” It is almost like we have to have tunnel vision in this business when it comes to fundraising. I am told a lot of times that I can’t focus on … More A WORTHY CAUSE!


The following is an excerpt from my latest book. They Laughed at Noah… Till It Rained! It’s a book about beating the odds and dreaming the impossible. Having a dream to make an Indie film, takes a tremendous amount of fortitude, like I wrote about in my last blog. To read it please click this … More BE RELENTLESS!


While trying to add a picture to this blog, I accidently deleted two of the top paragraphs. I was almost sick to my stomach…almost. Things like this happen. We can either side-step and move on, or we can wallow in self-pity! Or another option, is both. I needed to do some wallowing for a few … More LIKE PETER!


Our Fiscal Sponsor Carole Dean of (From the Heart Productions), has such an amazing team. I had recently listened to one of their podcasts and I was blown away by two words…”starving artist!” Why would funding come to me, if I kept pronouncing to the world that I am a starving artist? Even the Bible … More I AM NOW…!