Wow! It has been over a month since my last blog. Yikes! But, I have been very busy with Summer Ray and other author stuff too. Plus, skating has picked up on the training and I have been tired. But, back to it. I have been lacking in the marketing part of all of this. … More DO IT RIGHT!


There is something about Fall that turns what is already there, into a masterpiece of color; a work of art. Without all of the colors in this photo, though still on Hallowed Ground in Gettysburg, it wouldn’t have the same eye popping effect. I know.  I have photographed this same place and walked it during … More THE BEAUTY OF FALL!


Detour is defined as: “a round about route to avoid something or to visit something along the way.” Some detours are planned on purpose, while others are just part of everyday life. I took a slight detour out of necessity. But then, I found it hard to find my motivation for the film project afteward. … More BACK ON THE HORSE!


Precision is defined as “the quality, condition, or fact of being exact and accurate.” Although this is a good quality to have, sometimes in the course of trying to be exact and accurate, we can focus too much on the details and almost become obsessed with perfectionism. I am guilty of this. Perfectionism is defined as … More PRICELESS!