During times of crisis, like what we are experiencing on a global level due to the Coronavirus, it is hard to focus on the future. The, “What if’s” can take control if we are not careful. “What if I can’t get funded now?” “What if I can’t find a network, or a film festival if … More TO THE WORLD!


I pray this blog finds you in health and that you are staying as calm as possible during this pandemic. I trust it will be over with soon and life will return to normal. But it will have left its mark. I believe from my own personal position, I need to be a lot more … More LIKE A RIVER!


It isn’t very often that I actually sit quietly and rest my thoughts, so that I can hear God better. But I do know when He is impressing something inside of me, to the point I must get quiet, so that He can download His plan. Due to the Coronavirus, the world (for whatever reason … More AMERICA’S STORY!