I know “Bio’s” are supposed to be in “third person.” But this book and film series is far too personal to me. So, I am writing from my heart. First of all, I am a Christian. I am not however, a “religious” woman. I simply love God and strive to love others the way He does. My heart is to be a “light to the nations.” My compassion is to help others. I will  have our “Summer Ray Light the World Foundation” operating at a global level. I am blessed to be a blessing. It is something I live by and what I want my legacy to be.

I have four amazing grown children, a wonderful son and daughter in law, and four totally adorable GRAND-children. My world is wrapped around my family, with the Lord Jesus Christ at our center!

I am an Adult Figure Skater working on passing Silver and Gold tests to start competing.

The following is a video I did for the US Skating Committee about how Figure Skating helped me.

As for my writing, as soon as I was able to hold a pen, I was scribbling on my mattress, napkins or anything else I could find. Because of my head injury, I do not remember much about my childhood. But, I do remember this; my mom’s face when I showed her my mattress was covered in words and scribbles. I also used to walk to the nearest library in elementary school, and only pick out books that had the Pulitzer Prize sticker on them, and history books at that. George Washington was and still is my favorite historical figure and President. So, perhaps it is no wonder I grew up to live in Gettysburg and to write about history.

I am a photographer and author of Motivational & Inspirational books as well as ice skating and a Gettysburg photography book.  They can be found on my author website http://www.authorjulianalove.com. I am an International blogger and author. It is exciting to know that people in other countries read my work. With my photography, it is more like a hobby and a way to spend time on the battlefields. But, I feel that I can help others live the history, when they buy my book or hang my photos on their walls. With history in danger of being erased, I will continue to strive to keep it alive.

If you would like more information about me, click the tab “Press Release” on this site.  Thank you for visiting my book and film website. We are working hard on bringing an epic and compelling series to the big screen, for all to enjoy and experience.

My Best Regards,

Juliana Love