The two hour pilot is based on the first book in the Summer Ray Series.

Volume 1 “This Fair and Blighted Land”

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Juliana Love

Author of the Summer Ray Series/Screenplay Writer/Producer

Susan Weinfurtner

ASL Deaf Consultant

Jason Shindledecker

Director of Historical Reenactments

From “Juliana’s Movie Blogs”



Summer Ray

The (50 year old Summer Ray is cast). The 5 year old, 16-30 year old, 80 year old Summers have not yet been cast. I (Juliana Love) am working on being the skating double for the 50 year old Summer Ray. My coach Cathy Close Galloway and I have been steadily working on my program. It’s hard work. I am hoping we will be skating and filming at the Rockefeller Center Ice Rink in New York City! Can’t wait!!!

Lt. Colonel George Jameson

Jason Shindledecker has been with the project for the passed nine years and is the supporting role of the (Civil War) Union Lt. Colonel George Jameson. I named this character George Jameson because of my love for George Washington and the James River in Virginia. GJ has a lot of Irish in him and is the supporting role to the Union Colonel Michael Moses McDaniels!


“The story of Summer Ray began over twelve years ago on Big Round Top, which is across the field and to the right from where the Texas Brigade was fighting from on July 2, 1863. Against all rhyme and reason, and good judgment, in the dead of winter of 2009, I climbed a hill that was covered with ice and snow. I had to get to the top to find the 20th Maine to do research for my devotional. Yet on top of that hill alone, the eerie silence of it all caused me to rush back down the slippery slopes and I fell. As I was careening down the hill, with boulders fast approaching, I knew I had to find a branch to grab onto, to break my fall or face certain death or serious injury. The branch I grabbed onto, unexpectedly had thorns on it that dug deep into the soft tissue of my right palm. Shell-shocked, with crimson blood dripping on the stark white snow, I sat frozen in time. If you have ever been to Gettysburg, you will know that it is no ordinary place. Like Abel, the blood of the Union and Confederates Soldiers were crying up from the ground. I knew I had to do something. I stood up and whispered, “I promise I will be back, and I will do whatever I can to bring you peace.” By the time I got to the bottom of Big Round Top, my life as I knew it before I climbed that hill had forever changed. 

What I just told you is a scene from the pilot. Based on a true story of what I experienced and how the story of Summer Ray came to be and how these cataclysmic events of several different time periods collide and what their value truly is in our American History. Yet along with the protagonist, a young woman named Summer Ray, there has to be the antagonist and his name is Woeburn. The evil prince of Darkness that surrounds the Gettysburg Battlefield. His layer, is none other than Devil’s Den. Although Summer Ray thought she was alone on that hill, she had no way of knowing that two Union Civil War officers were watching, the Union Colonel Michael Moses McDaniels and the Lt. Colonel George Jameson, as well as demons who reported back to their master her promise of peace to the ghost soldiers. It was Woeburn’s promise of Summer’s demise that caused her car accident, leaving her a disabled woman suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury. Sadly, her promise of peace was forgotten and the Colonel McDaniels already broken heart – plumets deeper into bitterness that the Angel Ariel warned him against.

As Summer Ray struggles with her disabilities from her own despair of not being able to make the US Figure Skating Olympic Team, as she has to learn what her new normal is – suicide for her becomes her only way of escape. With legs that once took her to flight on ice, it was her legs that were taking her to death. While on her 3rd story balcony, with her right leg over the top and as she was beginning to bring her left leg over, the phone rang. It was God calling and she had a choice to answer. With only seconds to spare, Summer decides to climb back off the railing and answer the phone. It was her best friend Katie screaming at her, “What ever you are about to do, don’t do it. God told me to tell you it will get better.” And 26 years later, I can honestly tell you – it got better! 

With true historical characters of like Lincoln, Rosa Parks, George Washington or even the Pilgrims, Summer Ray is not just another Civil War story – it truly is an epic adventure. It is a story of how young woman struggles with her faith of leaving witchcraft behind, to become a Christian and how the ghost Colonel McDaniels who hates women finds his cold blue heart eventually beating the warmth of red for this young woman, who he felt betrayed him. Six of the Summer Ray books are written, and I am currently writing the 7th. The screenplay, “A Redemption in Time” is based on volume 1 – This Fair and Blighted Land. A script that took me 7 years to perfect.

It is our sincere desire that Summer Ray will light the world – by effectively exposing the unfruitful works of darkness and become a beacon of hope to the lost, and to those of us who are just trying to find our way. Like Steven Spielberg once stated, “This is the time to smile more, and Hollywood movies are supposed to do that for people in difficult times.” If we can make you smile, and if we can save even one lost soul, we will have done our job. Thank you!”


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