After an awesome consultation with our film’s Fiscal Sponsor (From the Heart Productions), it is time to reinvent how we are going to go about raising our funding. “Reinvent” is defined as – to makeover; improve; make completely new; to give a fresh face to; and to change the appearance of something to make it … More “REINVENT”


Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com In the world of Figure Skating, teenage girls and women, are working on quads. This is something that only men used to do. I am not against females accomplishing such an amazingĀ  feat because of the amount of training this takes. But to lose the artistry, grace and elegance for … More BACK BURNER!


I am sitting here looking out my office window in Gettysburg. It is cold and somewhat dreary, kind of like my mood. Things appear to be lifeless, dull and almost depressing. But, thankfully this is not the whole truth. Why do I say that? Because at any minute the sun can shine and the temps … More GOD’S PROJECT


Happy Happy New Year! I do love winter – for a brief period of time. Snow makes everything beautiful around the battlefields. But, I love spring and summer. But most of all, I love family beach time! I have had to pull back from Summer Ray due to health issues and just plain exhaustion. Yet! … More A NEW SUNRISE!