After an awesome consultation with our film’s Fiscal Sponsor (From the Heart Productions), it is time to reinvent how we are going to go about raising our funding. “Reinvent” is defined as – to makeover; improve; make completely new; to give a fresh face to; and to change the appearance of something to make it … More “REINVENT”


Lately, God has been talking to me about turtles. Most of us know the story about the “Turtoise and the Hare.” Slow and steady the tortoise crawled, along his merry way to victory. This project has seemed like a very long road that we have traveled and we are still waiting to cross over to … More ACCELERATED HELP!


  Lately, I have hit brick walls in several different areas of my life. I am getting a jump rope and I have start to follow a workout plan. I haven’t held a jump rope in 40 years. This should be interesting. But, skating, walking, dancing, stretching and riding my bike isn’t enough. This is crazy … More PAY THE PRICE!