After an awesome consultation with our film’s Fiscal Sponsor (From the Heart Productions), it is time to reinvent how we are going to go about raising our funding. “Reinvent” is defined as – to makeover; improve; make completely new; to give a fresh face to; and to change the appearance of something to make it … More “REINVENT”


When I first started this journey with Summer Ray, God didn’t tell me all of the good and bad details. If He had, perhaps I would have faltered in my faith and gave the whole thing up.  When the Israelites left slavery, He didn’t tell them they would end up at the Red Sea with … More THE RED SEA


There are days when I wonder if I should continue. Then, I start to get into the story and I wonder how I could ever quit. It’s like my ice skating. The more advanced I get, the harder the practice is. Which is an obvious statement. But, as the skills get harder, so are the … More A STORY TO TELL!


I was actually pleasantly surprised by last night’s Oscars (May 04, 2018). The women’s gowns were more conservative; there wasn’t a night full of Trump bashing and I think it was great to see the diversity in all the films. Which is why we watch the Oscars right? To see the creative work of so … More THE OSCARS!


 What I love about blogging this film journey, is the fact that I will be able to go back and read what we went through to complete the film. Hopefully, others who are struggling too, will find a sense of encouragement. They won’t feel so alone. There will be documented proof that perseverance is the … More THE OTHER LETTERS!