After an awesome consultation with our film’s Fiscal Sponsor (From the Heart Productions), it is time to reinvent how we are going to go about raising our funding. “Reinvent” is defined as – to makeover; improve; make completely new; to give a fresh face to; and to change the appearance of something to make it … More “REINVENT”


Our next step with the project is to do a, “proof of concept,” video. It is defined as: “A proof of concept short film demonstrates to potential producers the viability of your film idea. They should showcase the main ideas, tone and themes of your feature film version, as well as giving you an opportunity to … More PROOF OF CONCEPT!


Let’s talk about the “re’s.” Rebranding, relaunch, reinvent, refresh, remodel, rework, reboot, reissue…I could go on and on. Rebrand is defined as, “change the corporate image of; modify, change, revamp.” Revamp is defined as “give new and improved form, structure, or appearance to.” This also applies to me as the author of the story, screenplay … More FIND THE HOOK/CREATE THE BUZZ!