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After breaking a wrist and a left rib over the summer, I was in constant pain. But I only allowed myself to take one pain pill a day and it wasn’t narcotic. Pain affects everything in our lives. Broken bones stopped me from skating for just a few weeks, but I wasn’t allowed to proceed yet like I was before I fell. I was forced to slow down. I was forced to make changes in my thinking of, “I have to get this done now.” This…being my Silver Moves test and my program for the film. The not knowing exactly when this funding will come in, and how fast we will get to production causes me at times, a lot of tension, anxiety and nerves. Which in turn causes me to push harder and I make mistakes by not taking better care of myself, or feeling like I won’t be ready when I need to be!

Wait…what? This is God’s project and He will not let me fail. So I need to trust in His timing and just be at peace about the project, my skating, the funding, the cast, the crew – basically every aspect of this production. He knows every person and every piece of material that is necessary to make this a smashing success. I have to master the art of trusting Him. I have to do my part knowing He is doing His. He doesn’t force me to get out on that ice week after week. But if I want to be Summer’s skating double, I have to be out on that ice training, and I don’t have to sweat the timing of when I will perform. God will not let me fail. I may fall a few times and get bruised and hopefully not break any more bones, but if I am truly at peace – the program will be done at the right time and it will be amazing.

Summer Ray is about time. We need to learn to appreciate each milestone instead of trying to skip them over, to what we think are the big glorious events. I want to skate at the Rockefeller Center in New York City – but I am not ready to.

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It is very possible by March of 2022, I will be ready. My coaches and I are diligently working on this. But I have to be in the right mind set or I will continue to push too hard and quite possibly, I could suffer a more dangerous injury. It’s not worth it. I must slow down. I must put this production in God’s hands and know He has the right timing for all it. I have to stop trying to skip over the important details no matter how small. Trust me. There won’t be any jumps in my program, if I haven’t learned the art of edges and take off or landing positions. This production is much like a skating program. There are so many things that have to be done before we can go on to the next step, or the next level.

Slow down – be thankful for the tiny details; the things that have to be polished and perfected. This is why my screenplay, “A Redemption in Time” took seven years. The first time I entered a contest a few years ago, I didn’t even make the 1/4 finals. This time, I am nominated for an award. But I had to stop trying to make God’s timing fit into my schedule. Relax. Take a breath. Go take a walk. Enjoy the sunshine. Enjoy being alive. Master your craft what ever that is. I am now looking to have a Summer Ray beauty brand of soaps, scrubs and also candles, and a whole lot more. I love writing but I want to expand our horizons and offer the world more. But these things take time to research, learn, invest, get the branding etc. But I know I can’t do that now, so I am taking it slow by just reading about it. I can’t slow time nor can I speed it up. I can only work within its boundaries and make the absolute best of the days, weeks, hours, minutes, seconds and years. Actually, I can make better use of my time and I am learning how to do so.

Till next time…Juliana


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