First Impressions

Typos? Poor grammar? Words like “u” and “plz.” Are you kidding? Could you show more disrespect for the person you are contacting, while also asking for money? There’s a total of 11 words in this sentence, “How do I get investors like Angel to cone on board” and this person couldn’t even bother to proofread them. Yet, they think a complete stranger is going to give them money!

If you can’t manage 11 words, you certainly can’t manage a film production.

I underlined and put in bold letters the last sentence, because of how insanely spot on that is. I write blogs and books that are read all over the world. My blogs are not always accurate in terms of grammar or punctuation. It is here that I just get to write and connect with anyone around the globe reading my blogs. It is here, I just get to let my hair down and relax and just say what is on my mind. My books are constantly being updated via the editing. It’s a very long process to get them right and my readers are very important and I want to make sure are receiving my best.

A business plan, a pitch, a pitch deck…those are all very over my head kind of words. I know of them. I just do not understand them yet. I do know however, there is no way that I can stand before an investors without being ready. In the beginning paragraph, it shows people who were not ready. We will only get one shot at meeting a protentional investor. We best better respect them enough to also get it right. I have put a tremendous amount of hard work into my script and my books. But it isn’t just for me, it is also (as previously stated for anyone who reads the books). If an investor asks to see the script, it is ready for him or her to do so. I don’t have to worry about if it is good enough. I KNOW it is good enough, and that isn’t just because of the story. That is also because of the format. But it took years to learn that skill and to understand how scripts are supposed to work. But still, without funding, the script sits on a shelf in the cyberspace of a program collecting dust. It might look nice sitting on that shelf, but it does absolutely nothing – just wasted work! It would be a tragedy if it stayed there.

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Many lost screenplays find their graves on shelves. Why? Because if this business was easy, everyone would do it. Me, I just know this is what I am supposed to do. So, I do it. It doesn’t mean that I don’t get weary thinking we have made great progress, only to find another mountain staring us in the face. Because it gets exhausting.

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But when people give me such amazing reviews of my books and blogs, you all are like fuel. You really help to give us the strength to keep going and we appreciate it so much. So thank you!

But what now? Well, in 2023 we are submitting our script and the Proof of Concept short video to film festivals. This takes like five seconds to do, once I find the right ones. Then what? Well, I believe the Lord wants me to get some movement going in the area of a Film Business Plan. I have started the pitch, pitch deck and other things like the Executive Summary – but – it all needs to be refined. I have a lot of homework to do. We need to be ready to attend some of these film festivals, with materials in our hands. We simply cannot go empty handed! So, I am ordering a new book on how to make a film business plan. I have read others and have taken classes. But I need a fresh start and go back and dig out what I have and then go from there. This is truly exciting because it means just up ahead, we are going to be meeting film investors. WOW! NO PRESSURE!!! But with God’s help…we’ve got this. We just have to continue to do the work, to get it right!!!


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