It takes a long time to get things, “pristine.” Two of the definitions are perfect and spotless. I think there will always be ways to improve the Summer Ray story. But there must come a time when we say, “This is as close to ‘mint condition‘ (another definition of pristine) as we can get it.” Over the years, I have refined and enhanced the story in ways that I at first, could not have imagined. But along with those, comes a lot of additional hard work and sacrifice. I have five more books to edit with the new changes, and to finish the 8th volume. But from the beginning, I asked the Lord to help me make this project one of excellence. Perhaps that is why this has taken so long. Because Father God has been answering my prayers all along. When I look at the hardcover copies of the books, I cannot help but to be excited. They are a combination of a thirteen year journey that we are still on. The covers have been replaced so many times, I have lost count. But truly, now I have a product I can actually be proud of.

I strive for excellence because of you, who will read my books and/go and see the films. But these things cost you money and I have very high standards of wanting to bring you the best. But the best takes time. It can be exhausting, not gonna lie about that. But in the end, if you are happy with the story that makes me happy too. If you spend your hard earned money and feel you got something worthwhile, there is a certain amount of honest business involved. Which is also what we strive for.

As of February 09, 2023…we have officially started our 14th year. If I look at the years instead of the progress, I will be greatly discouraged. But I am honestly excited about this coming year and submitting to film festivals and attending some of them. All of these milestones still count toward the finish line. They don’t keep us stationary. It may have looked like at times we were almost paralyzed, and sometimes it looked like we drifted backwards. But none the less, it was all working toward the final product. I feel very strongly about creating a film that is extraordinary. This means we must go above and beyond the mediocre. I have written about that many times throughout this journey and I will continue to stay just as passionate about bringing the world a cinematic masterpiece that has a great story for the whole family to enjoy. My goals for this year are the film festivals, book signings and a Summer Ray event or two. This is my focus. I cannot worry about funding. I trust it will be here at the exact time Father God says it does. But for now, it’s getting us in front of the right people.

Till next time,

God Bless You and as always, thank you for being a part of our Summer Ray world!

Juliana 🙂

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