Finally, our Proof of Concept is finished. This video took years to gather the clips and so much more. But please remember, it is ONLY the first half of the first book. This link will take you to my YouTube channel. Please once there, hit that subscribe button. I have not had time to promote any videos, the books or the even the film. But now that this video is finished, I am spending 2023 in promotion mode. I especially will be promoting the book series more and do a lot of book signings. I am also submitting the script and this video to many film festivals, kind of like a hugs blast!!! This too, while working on my own health. I think I let that go for a while, due to stress.

Making a video like this is not easy, especially for a Christian. C.S. Lewis is my favorite author who wrote the “Screwtape Letters.” “The Screwtape Letters by C.S.  Lewis is a classic masterpiece of religious satire that entertains readers with its sly and ironic portrayal of human life and foibles from the vantage point of Screwtape, a highly placed assistant to “Our Father Below.” It was said that he didn’t like writing this book. When one has to dig deep into darkness, it also takes the writer to that same place. Summer Ray, is littered with darkness. To remove the demonic aspect of the story would simply ruin it. For one, it would not be real life. Though “historical fiction,” this is also a “supernatural, suspense, thriller.” But aside from that REAL LIFE Christianity, is war. Satan is real. Fallen angels are real and so are demons.

I am not promoting Satanism. I am exposing Satanism.

There is a HUGE difference!


But the GOOD NEWS is, Father God, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and angels are also real. Only 1/3 of the angels fell. So that leaves 1/3 more of the good angels. Which I absolutely do promote.


ALSO, please bear in mind, the pictures (props etc.) are not what the final look will be, in the film. It is will on an much grandeur scale. “The quality of being magnificent or splendid or grand. ” This Proof of Concept video, is just to show the concept or idea.

Now, what kind of Christian would I be, if I left out the dark part of the story and only added the Light part? It would not be honest. It would be in fact, deceiving. It was told to me, that we MUST focus on God’s goodness. This person even left the project after she saw the video. It is not easy to look at demons, or fallen angels. It is not easy to look at witches walking through a cemetery at night either. But realistically speaking, these things are valid points to the story. This is part of Summer’s warfare and why she struggles with her faith. But realistically speaking, it is just how life is. The closer we get to God, the harder the fight becomes. But I do believe at some point we overcome, if we do not give up. This is how we bring God glory – by not giving up. I refuse to give up on this project. I may be hurt when people leave that I thought never would. But I am only responsible for my own actions.

My actions, are to not quit…EVER! You have my word. I will not give up on this project. It is too important to God, to me and to those in a dark world!

So, as we go into our 14th year, 2023 is promotion mode and I am very excited.

Thank you for being a vital part of our Summer Ray world. I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a very safe and Happy New Year.

Juliana Love


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