FIGURE SKATING November 29, 2022

With me battling three autoimmune diseases, although skating has not slowed down, I am in the process of having to get new and lighter skates. Having lost so much muscle weight, I also have to relearn balance with the lesser weight. Cathy and I are also working on stretching and edge work as well. There are just a lot of changes that I have to keep up with. But, actually having lost weight, I feel lighter on my skating legs. Somedays, I am very tired and just want to quit. But as I wrote in another blog, I have to keep my eyes on the prize.

In speaking with a dietician, I am also changing some of the bad habits of my diet. I have been working on skin and health care too. I think sometimes, we get so busy that we forget self care. But, it is so important not to forget our own health. I have been so driven to get this program done for the film and to pass the next Moves in the Field test, I think I just wore myself out. But, thankfully, I haven’t lost any of my skating skills. I am just having to, as stated previously, work on getting the balance figured out. See, on skates, having the correct balance is a must. But, isn’t balance also just as important in our every day life? It is essential that we balance out our lives. We are supposed to eat balanced meals. We are supposed to balance out rest, recreation, diet, food, family etc. Millions are suffering from being burnt out; due to overwork; due to the need to work more hours; due to inflation. It’s a vicious cycle. My dietician is helping me to eat smarter, and to drink more water. Plus, I have to learn how to balance fitness. I was seriously just wearing myself out.

I am excited to get new skates soon and get back to work – with balance in mind! REMEMBER…BALANCE IS IMPORTANT!!!


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