Cathy and I

It has been awhile since I have posted about skating. But, we are currently working on Silver Moves in the Field. It is a very hard test that I have been working on, for what seems like forever. I have also been dealing with some health issues. I have lost a lot of weight due to what the doctors believe stems from autoimmune diseases. But this test and passing it, will only help my skating program due to all of the many elements. I am always thinking of the program in the film and how I can better perform it. I am keeping up with off ice exercising and will have to soon start physical therapy to try and gain some muscle weight back, or at the very least stop from losing more.

We are currently working still on the Proof of Concept video. I am also looking for film festivals to submit it to. We are looking forward to getting nominated and possibly win some awards. Every nomination helps to advance us further into the film industry and to gain investors. The book series is gaining more readers and great reviews, for which I am truly thankful. To hear how this story helps someone, only pushes me to work harder to get it out there and onto the big screen. We continually strive for excellence with this series, both off and on the screen.

I am excited to order your books as gifts because your books and you have been a gift to me.”

She is ordering the first book to give as Christmas gifts. This is how much she also believes in the story of Summer Ray. I am truly blessed! To view or order the books, please visit:

Once again, thank you for being such a huge part of our Summer Ray world. As soon as the Proof of Concept video is finished, I will post it on this blog site.


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