Wow! So it has been over a month since my last blog on here. We have been very busy with our Proof of Concept video. This will be a 30 minute video which will be submitted to film festivals etc. It’s VERY EXCITING!

Cue the proof-of-concept video. Simply stated, a proof-of-concept is a scene from your feature film script, shot and fashioned into a short. Its purpose is to provide an example of the writing, directing and cinematography that will go into the feature, as well as demonstrate the film’s viability on the big screen.” (

Here are a few shots of what you will see in the video.

Copyright 2022 SostarSun Productions
Copyright 2022 SostarSun Productions
Copyright 2022 SostarSun Productions

Because the script is no longer enough to gain interest, we have had to create this video. It is more real to the script itself. We have used some clips and props from other videos, but this one by far is the best! I am also working on the new film website. Because we are expanding, we have to branch out with the website as well. There will be a link on the site. But the Summer Ray website, will now just be specifically for the books. All of this takes, of course, time. As for the genres, we are definitely a suspense/thriller along with being historical/fiction. We are borderline “horror.” Which, I tried to avoid. But when we began filming this video, it was evident that HELL is horror. Knowing it is one thing, seeing and hearing it is another. So, it is possible that after it is all said and done, the “horror” genre might still be added. As soon as I have the video released, I will post it in a blog here and on this website as well.

Onward and as always, thank you for being a part of our Summer Ray World.

Juliana Love


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