It’s been a very busy time for us as we are now working on our Proof of Concept video. It is defined as: “evidence, typically derived from an experiment or pilot project, which demonstrates that a design concept, business proposal, etc., is feasible.” I like the word “evidence.” People can say they have something of value, but evidence and proof is what is needed. In the case of gaining investors, just giving my word is not enough. I don’t care how much they might like me or the story. They need to see concrete evidence. This video below, is only the 2nd draft. This is proof that we are actually working on this! Once this video is complete at 30 minutes, we can then submit it to film festivals as a “short video/film.” It will be exciting to see if it will be nominated or win an award. The script now has five nominations as well.

The POC video will have so much more added than our teaser trailers. They serve a purpose too. But, this video will have the wings for both Woeburn (Prince of Darkness) and Rory (Summer Ray’s Guardian Angel), fog, snow, wardrobe, contact colored lenses and yes, those who wear them will have to see an eye doctor for a prescription. Thankfully, I checked the rules on that. Those who wear them must keep a doctor’s note in case SAG, or the police ask what we are doing. Colored lenses change a person’s appearance, and one can actually get arrested without a doctor’s note. GOOD TO KNOW! But this video also answers a lot of questions as to why I wrote this story, and why I wanted it into a Film/and TV series as well. One woman wrote, “I hope you get your funding. Your books are phenomenal.” Just imagine how much grander the story will become, added with live action, sound effects, music, wardrobe for each specific time period etc.. It’s going to be EPIC!

We are fundraising this video in sections. We had some old stock footage and some clips we filmed ourselves. But the other scenes, we need to raise the funds. This 1st section is for our witchy scene in the cemetery. The link below is for our GoFundMe to raise $1,000. Shipping for the perks and raffle is only in the US. This is NOT a tax deductible donation.

We also have our fundraiser via our Fiscal Sponsor, where we do send perks overseas. But shipping costs that are additional. ALL donations via our Fiscal Sponsor, From the Heart Productions are tax deductible.

Thank you for your generous support of our ongoing project. We have crossed many hurdles over the years, but we are getting closer to production every day!


Reference: dictionary


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