It’s funny how things we think are supposed to happen, and then BAM! God shows up and says, “Nope! I want it done this way.” I have been growing my hair long, because I was the skating and dance double for the lead Summer Ray. Then, I had this idea to dye by hair back to black, just to get ready for the role. I wanted to get back into the character.

I thought this would help get me in the right mindset, and give me some much needed motivation. After that people kept telling me, “You are Summer Ray!” On my Facebook post I wrote: “When you become who you wrote about – who ultimately is you in the first place!” If you are on Facebook, please stop in on our The Memoirs of Summer Ray page and like us. This truly helps to build our audience and it helps us with investors and such. Yes, investors. I know I didn’t want to have any on board…but I am truly only allowing those who will not try to change the story. I must keep the creative license! So, as much as I did not want this role of Summer Ray…(I was just supposed to be her skating and dance double), I am now cast as this role. Sheryl will be Kat (Summer’s best friend). Actually, this turns out beautifully. Sheryl is an amazing artist full of talent. But she is incredibly strong – as Kat’s role is. Kat is Summer’s “voice of reason” and she has no problem standing up to Summer. Kat has no issues telling Summer what she needs to be doing, instead of sitting around feeling sorry for herself because of her disabilities. I have searched high and low for the perfect Kat and she was here the whole time! It’s truly astonishing. Thank You, God!

So, with all my working out, ballet, skating, sort of eating right and sort of drinking more water, also studying very hard the script etc., I am now Summer Ray…at least one of them as there are four of us with different ages. I don’t have to worry now about someone seeing that I am a skating or dance double. I was somewhat nervous about that, and now it is no longer an issue.

We are working on the Proof of Concept video, film proposal, business plan and working on the pitch to make it precise! We are in the process of raising $5,000 for the above. In order for us to be taken even more seriously, we need to have professional materials…period! If you would like to donate to our campaign, please visit our fundraiser by clicking on the red, “Donate” button.

We are fiscally sponsored by From the Heart Productions and all donations via this site are tax deductible. No worries about being obligated. If you click on the link above, it will just take you to the site to view. We are so close and now the end is in site for us to get finally to production. The light is finally showing at the end of this very long and dark tunnel that we have been in. It is even closer than I thought.

Photo by Ruwantha Wijesundara on

So, as we move forward, thank again and again for being a part of our Summer Ray world. We truly are grateful!


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