Today is 9/11/2022. This is a horrid part of our American history and we must never forget those who lost their (innocent) lives. 9/11 is in the story of Summer Ray and it will be in the mini-series at some point later on. The first time I visited the city, I fell in love with it. Although, it has been through some very sad changes, it is still The City That Never Sleeps. It is still the gateway to the world, which I find fascinating!

New York City is part of the storyline, simply because I love it so much. I used to visit the Rescue 3 fire department when I was younger. One of our characters is a retired NYC firefighter. They are truly the kindest and the bravest!

On another note, I needed motivation for our new Proof of Concept video. I am Sheryl’s double as she is the lead Summer Ray. So, I dyed my hair back to black for the time being. I think Sheryl and I are a great match, and I know she will do wonders in bringing Summer Ray to life! Can’t wait!!!

Sheryl – Summer Ray
Juliana – her double

We are working now on raising the funds for this new video; silent auctions, crafts etc. We have to make this video as close to what the film would look like and it will be around 30 minutes. This will also allow us to submit it to film festivals.

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