So, I started to feel the pull again to start the spin off book. Well, it probably isn’t a spin off. It is just a continuation of the story. So that is that!

The title however is Summer Ray – subtitle Summer Rose!


He turned to his daughter and stated, “The Civil War is over Summer Ray. It is something you need to accept. There are no sides now. Blue, Gray – Union or Confederate. The war is over. Though once again, our beloved America is at war – a different kind of war – but war, nonetheless. The war of Socialism.”

He looked out over the Hudson and continued, “I read your first memoir, ‘This Fair and Blighted Land.’  I actually keep it on my bookshelf in my office. I have been waiting for volume two. What was it that Tillie Pierce once wrote?”

Summer answered, “May the heart of this fair land be forever inclined unto wisdom, so that we may never fall into the folly of another war and pay the penalty that is sure to follow.”

Her father answered, “We have not learned wisdom. Our country is falling into the hands of those who seek to destroy it.”

Throughout this series, I have embedded past, and present current events. Summer is a PATRIOT!

The picture is the book cover for volume 5 – Time…Begins Again. I haven’t yet designed the book cover for volume 8, but it is a shame we have not yet learned the wisdom that Tillie Pierce wrote. She is an incredibly important part of this series, especially with the first film. I simply cannot wait to see it all on the big screen. I know with all of the live characters, places, wardrobes for their specific time periods, music and special effects, this production is going to be amazing. But because of the current state of America, it is getting critical for this series to get produced. The following is part of a letter I am sending to out in regard to this series:

Recently, it has come to my attention that there are Satanic Temples right here in America offering, young girls and women rituals while they are getting abortions. They do this under the disguise of, “Religious Liberty.” This ritual is performed at various clinics. In this series, I expose the devil, especially in regard to witchcraft. The genres for the series are: Historical/Fiction/Supernatural/Suspense.

This is pure evil! PURE EVIL! We MUST end this wickedness in this country. With Summer Ray, we are doing our part. But it also takes the help of those who are willing to donate, buy books or merchandise to help us create this franchise. If you would like to be one of those people, I encourage you to please check out of tax deductible donation – fundraiser. Simply click on the red, “Donate” button.



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