This Fair and Blighted Land (volume 1)

I recently came across an incredible article that stated: “You can call it a lot of things. A premise is the core belief system of the script and lifeblood of the story.” “Premise is hypothesis. It is the story’s purpose for existing at all.” What is the, “why” in Summer Ray? Carole Dean (our Fiscal Sponsor) of From the Heart Productions wrote:

I consider the introduction or synopsis to be the most critical element in the proposal. It is the first thing I read when I pick up a new film proposal because it tells me how compelling the project is and reveals how passionate the filmmaker is. It should tell me a visual story of the film.

Writing a script is NO picnic. It’s like writing a college thesis or dissertation. It takes a long time to make sure all of the elements are in place. When you have a story as complex as Summer Ray that could spread out for several seasons, creating the script off the books, I have to make sure it all makes sense – eventually. I have to keep the readers and viewers on the edge of their seats with, twists and turns and scenes that are so unpredictable that they cannot possibly figure it all out. (This is not a Hallmark series. Although, I absolutely love Hallmark. I watch their movies four or five times a week). Then to have to figure out the core of the story; the premise of the story; the why’s of the story; the critical elements of the story; it hurts my brain at times because of the critical thinking that has to go along with it. To create something from my imagination – is incredibly difficult. I have to dig deep into my own inner self and figure out what I want to share with the world; to make a difference. If I were to say what my premise is, it would have to be that last sentence.

1) I want to share something with the world that will truly make a difference in peoples lives,

2) by showing them the truth and goodness of God vs. the evil of Satan and how he operates through

lies, deception, and witchcraft.

Number 1, is the absolute “why,” I created the story in the first place. Number 2, is the “what” I am sharing. This is the purpose of the story! But, I cannot pitch this as a “Christian” genre as it is not fully based on the Bible – like Moses. Summer Ray however, is a faith based story as it is her faith that is tried, tested and how her faith undergirds her, through the twists and turns of life. Subplots such as, wanting to save our American History, time travel, Traumatic Brain Injury or PTSD, gives the story multiple added dimensions. But it all stems from the original core plot, of wanting to make a difference.

I thank God He led me to the above articles. They were written in such a way that inspired me to dig deeper into my core and just get to the heart of the matter. I feel that now I know what that is, I can move forward in how this film is pitched.

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Thank you for being a part of our Summer Ray world.


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