Book 6

One more book cover and the new covers will be complete! The 7th book is about 200 pages already, with another 200-300 to go and that will be, “THE END,” of the series. Woohoo! But not the end of the film or mini series. I am reading the first 6 books again, to make sure it all comes together in the 7th book. I have laughed, cried, got mad, scared, hurt, sad, and all kinds of other emotions! It doesn’t matter how many times I have read the story, it still is like an emotional roller coaster. Stories are supposed to touch our hearts with all kinds of emotions. Being able to write the story of Summer Ray, I get to go places that non fiction would never be able to take me. Although this is a fictional story, sprinkled with truth, I still have to remember it is fictional. But without fail, people have asked after reading the books, which parts are true and which parts aren’t.

It has been difficult to pinpoint how the story evolved. It could have gone in any direction but chose to go its own way – and that is where it will stay. I wrote the books for the sole purpose of using them as guidelines for the scripts. But even they have taken on a life of their own. So, the scripts are merely an adaption of the books. Knowing what I know that takes place in the 7th book, I am in absolute shock at how it turned out. It’s all been a crazy ride for sure. Soon, it will be time to focus all of my attention on getting the first script to production. But first, I felt the need to relaunch the book series with better book covers, in full color that catches the eye and the font more professional. Then after that it will be marketing the books – but I am going to see about hiring a Marketing Director for that. I am still in our “Intentional Filmmaking” class with our Fiscal Sponsor – From the Heart Productions. and I am finishing up the 7th book. I am working on my presentation when I have to do any online meetings or class. What is behind me is also important. I can look professional but if my background is cluttered – yikes…no good. So, that is also on my to do list. The book covers will be on the wall as posters – so that anyone who sees me online, will see them and it’s another way to market them. To see the new book covers, (the ones I have so far please click on the link)

It is for certain I am going to have to create a whole separate website for the film/mini series. This one won’t be able to hold the film and everything that goes with it. I will have to create links that will make the other site easy to find. Progress!

Till next time,

Thanks for being a part of our Summer Ray world!


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