My Coach Cathy

Wow! There are so many levels to figure skating. Oftentimes, we have to go back to the basics, to add more of the isolated moves that we were not yet ready for – way back when. “Chin up, arch your back, chest over your knees, straight back,”…holy cow! These moves hurt because for so long – I haven’t used those muscles. I have skated one way THINKING, “WOW! I was doing so good,” and I was. But, Cathy wants my skating to get better than just good. She wants it the best. So she snuck some extra stuff in there and it is making a world of difference. Each isolated move – added to other isolated moves – makes a completed element.

The progress of the film is the same way, especially with the script and the book series. There are times I go back in and almost like a plastic surgeon; I add, subtract, pull, cut, fix, smooth out and make it better. I may have thought something last year was awesome, only to find out this year it needed more work. It can be frustrating. But just like being on the ice, I accept what I need to do because I know that if I want my skating to improve, I have to follow the guidelines. I can’t stop at mediocre either on the ice, or with the film and books. It’s that extra mile that will get us noticed. It’s that extra mile that will ensure this film is successful and seen globally. We are on the last lap of being ready to present our project to the world. This is not the time to think of how exhausted we might be. We have to now kick in the after burners and fly to the finish line with all we’ve got!

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Let’s do this!

Juliana Love


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