More and more progress is made everyday on the pilot and the books. The 7th book is near completion and I cannot wait to have a completed series. I also plan to have at least six of the first episodes finished as we finish up production. I am already seeing the 2nd book, “Savannah’s Calling,” on the screen as it also comes to life. The mini-series route is definitely the BEST way to go, after the two hour feature film – (pilot). I have come to accept that after the pilot, slowing things down to 50-60 minute weekly episodes, will allow our viewers time to marinate in the story. We want our viewers to have time to get to know our characters, and learn about the different time periods and storylines. It’s all very exciting as I am 100% confident that we are ready to be fully funded.

The title of the class I am taking with our Fiscal Sponsor From the Heart Productions is, “Intentional Filmmaking.”!

Intentional is defined as “done on purpose, deliberate.” I have to maintain my focus on the process. Life does get in the way sometimes with unexcepted circumstances. My twin brother’s passing crushed me to my core. But, I cannot allow myself to stay that way. I have to rise above the storm of the pain and just get back to work, which I have. I need to carry him with me and I do!

Mike and Mugs

Reading, studying, and putting in to practice what I have learned, and all of the encouragement I get a long the way, helps to improve the project little by little. In reading over the book series, I was able to add a more embellishments that I felt made the story that much better. I have been able to connect the dots in the 7th book, or the missing pieces and I am so happy with the results. The reviews I get from the series, I am even more ecstatic that so many people love the story of Summer Ray. It just makes me work all the more harder to bring this series to life on the screen.

As always, thank you for being a part of our Summer Ray world. We love and appreciate you!

Till next time,

Juliana Love

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