The push is now to finish the 7th book. Summer Ray isn’t the only one who is rising from the ashes, but so is America.

Rising From the Ashes

I have been making an outline to get some much needed ideas as to where the story needs to go. We head to Massachusetts to the Old North Church; across to Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota and so much more. My fascination with history – will show in vibrancy in this last book as I bring in more historical characters and landmarks. The fun part will be to see it come to life in living color.

I focused a great deal of the story up and down the Eastern Seaboard, with parts of Tennessee and South Dakota mixed in. But in general, the Eastern Seaboard is where or American History was founded. Historical authors will make their entrance and quite possibly Ben Franklin again. Still what has become of the General McDaniels and the rest of the Gettysburg ghost soldiers? Will Sam, Summer Ray’s husband stay married to her? Will Summer Ray ever see her beloved general ever again? The story is so intertwined with emotion and twists and turns that even I, at this point, cannot say. I won’t know until I write the book. Should we take a ride on the USS Constitution, in the Boston Harbor? Giddy is how I am about now, thinking of all this American history!

U.S.S. Constitution and H.M.S. Java (LIBRARY OF CONGRESS)

Wow! Just Wow! To be able to recreate something like history, for the preservation of history, is one of the job’s God gave me to do. But I don’t feel as if it is work. It is more of a gift because I love what I do. So, hopefully the 7th and final book of the Summer Ray Series will be finished within a few weeks!


Me with George Washington at Valley Forge, PA

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