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A Sunray Cross on Confederate Ave.; Gettysburg

I am working on finishing the 7th and final Summer Ray book in the series. It is kind of a happy and sad moment, like an end of an era. It will be just about 12 1/2 years of writing the book series and that is a long time. (To view the series, please click on the link).


EXCEPERT FROM BOOK 7 “Rising From the Ashes

So many stories are told inside the pages of these books. One of them, is partly my own. To think that a woman with a head injury and left with Traumatic Brain Injury can write all of this, plus the scripts to the full feature pilot and episodes, truly shows that anyone with a disability can still be extremely productive and fulfilled, if society does not give up on them, nor if they don’t give up on themselves. I must work as Jesus did while it is still daylight. Over time, I have thought less about me and more about saving people. Truly it is my heart to see people saved from the pits of Hell. As this world grows darker, my goal is to help Light the World again by any means possible. With our Summer Ray Light the World Foundation, we will be able to do our part, as well as bring this book series to life!

With all my heart, I just want to say, ‘Thank you so much for taking this incredible journey with us!’ We will be seeing you, when our story come to life on screen.”

I have had to fight my way through the twists and turns of the Entertainment Industry. But, I chose to not give up on this project because I believed in it. I am convinced of its ability to help people, and because that is its purpose – there was no way I could have ever walked away from it. Another purpose is to, “Help History Survive the Future.” I believe I am doing exactly what Father God wants me to be doing and He is leading and guiding this project, as only He can. I KNOW, the funding is on its way. I have no doubt about that because we ARE being fully funded. But, I also know that the project needed to be prepared for the funds to come in. I am also convinced the script is ready. A director might tweak it a little, but overall it is ready. My job right now is to finish the story and to complete the “Intentional Filmmaking” class with my amazing fiscal sponsor – Carole Dean of From the Heart Productions.! I have laughed and cried with the characters, as it has been a crazy ride for sure. A lot of the pieces still have yet to be figured out with the 7th book, but it will come to me – it always does. Then, I will do a very intense read through with the books and make sure that everything is as it should be. There are room for spin offs, but I won’t be the writer; at least I don’t think so. My goal is to become a member of the Writers Guild West and work on the episodes. I am very happy with where we are at. I know we are right where God wants us to be. My dear friend, Louna always told me, “In God’s timing.” At times, I would get frustrated when she kept saying that. But, God always came through and His timing is indeed perfect. HE KNOWS when the world and Hollywood will be ready for this story. We are getting closer and closer everyday. To GOD be the glory!

Till Next Time,


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