When I am gifted with such amazing reviews of the Summer Ray story, I can only thank God with happy tears. He helped me to touch people’s lives, through the use of fiction and non fiction, by using my imagination. This latest review is written by a woman who is older than me, yet incredibly young at heart.


Words cannot express how much I have enjoyed Juliana Love’s books. They are powerfully written, faith weaved into the stories with so much love for our Lord; written with the love of our Lord, and history and fiction all in one story is amazing. I had to read them all. I hope she never stops writing. I am waiting with anticipation for the next book. I am not a writer, so I will say, “I am blown away by your books.” Thank you, Juliana Love. What an inspiration to all writers!!! Eleanor

The story of Summer Ray has no age limit. It has reached the young, middle aged and seniors. That is what makes this story so unique. It is ageless and timeless. Yet, due to the war and some other, what could be scary scenes, there will have to be a PG13 rating for the pilot. Details will be graphic, but not so gory that it becomes a horror movie. If you would like to view the books for yourself, please visit: Then simply click on each book cover and it will take you to Amazon.

To have these kind of reviews only makes me want to get the pilot produced, so we can see it on the big screen. With the special effects, costumes, wardrobes, props, scenery and all the amazing people who will bring it to life, I know it will be amazing. I have two new paintings that our wonderful Deaf Consultant painted for our film. We are steadily moving forward. I am excited to be able to bring Summer Ray via the written word, but also in full motion picture sound and color. We will have Open Captions in the theaters for the Deaf Community as they are such a huge part of Summer’s and my story!

So, I guess it is about time I finally finish the 7th book and get to the long awaited, “The End.” It’s a little sad for me to say that, not gonna lie. I have been writing this story since 2009. But then again, I still have the scripts to write! Onward…

Thank you for being a part of our Summer Ray world!

Juliana Love

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