Cathy and I are back to working steadily on the figure skating program for the film. In the video we are putting more pieces of the program together.

It’s a lot of work, not gonna lie. But skating also requires off ice training too. It is the commitment, I am dedicated to. So, with all the aches, pains and sometimes aspirin (lol), I carry on with the help of so many wonderful people. I have my very close friend and skating coach Cathy; my awesome friends and Tina the owner of the Battlefield Jazzercise in Gettysburg, ; and also have my walking buddy Tina, who I power walk with a few times a week. I have to stretch, drink lots of water and eat right. Yeah, so I am still working on the latter. But I KNOW what I have to do, to make this program what it needs to be for the film. I can’t say, “Oh! I am going to be 60 when I perform it, so it would be okay if it was less than excellent.” If that was my way of thinking, the pilot would ultimately fail and I can’t allow that to happen.

Hard work, combined with the mindset of excellence, gives people the comfort that they are receiving their money’s worth. It is important to me that people, after seeing this film, are blessed and inspired by the story. It is worth the effort for us to make sure that happens!


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