Yep! As suspected, major changes are happening with Summer Ray. Although for over a year, I was very happy with the old title and logline, something else happened that showed me, neither had that “WOW” factor. Introducing the new title of the series and logline!

The story will still encase the book series, as well as Summer Ray. But now, there is more of a futuristic focus that will be on her great great grandson, Austin, and his wife, Elizabeth. There is only one addition to the genres: We also have made the series a mystery.

What makes this even more exciting, is the simple fact we have so much more material to work with. The mystery part has to do with the books themselves. Summer did not leave clues as to where they might be, and Austin and Elizabeth have to search for them. But this is spread out over the course of the entire book series. Also, Austin and Elizabeth are far into the future in the year 2120!

I have broken the first script down into two parts of 62 pages each, and into two thirds with the remaining one third, in case we go for the 90 minute pilot, instead of the 60 minute. I honestly cannot say exactly how long the pilot will be. But, we are going to film the first 62 pages. If we feel we need to shoot more, we will. But on paper, at least five episodes including the pilot will be finished.

Because of the new title and logline, everything now makes sense! It’s incredibly peaceful to finally arrive at this place. If you back through the blogs, there are years worth of them, and it describes our journey up to where we are now. It hasn’t been an easy journey. But it’s been a worthwhile one.

Now, I need to go back and see exactly what the projected budget will be, with half of the first script cut. We should be able to make this film for under a million. In fact, I am thinking along the lines of $500,000 to $750,000! A lot of the props, for some of the scenes are already donated. This by so many amazing businesses that it is quite possible that these numbers are very accurate. I will need to amend the copyrights with the Library of Congress and the registration for the Writers Guild West to change the legal name of the series. Got to keep it legal. This is something investors will be looking for that we are on the up and up, and have it together!



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