Losing my twin brother, has been extremely hard on me. I have good days and bad ones where all I do is cry. Thankfully today, I am being somewhat productive. I tweaked the script a little and as I was out on a power walk, all I kept thinking about, where the viewers who would be watching it come to life. I want people to be able to connect with the story, in such a way that every week (during the season), they will anxiously await with anticipation for the next episode. I am 100 percent against rushing the narrative. The viewers need time to absorb who is who and the different storylines. I have also made the angels and the demons more biblically real. I am not sure if the title, “A Redemption in Time,” is even accurate now. Summer Ray is multi-dimensional. It has time travel, space, supernatural, paranormal, natural, good vs. evil, romance, history, and so much more. We cannot constrict the story to just this atmosphere. (I know this sounds kind of freaky). But, I actually have a very clear mind about this. I have searched high and low for a new series title, and I will find it. I just have to keep looking until I do.

The script is 124 pages. I added another few scenes and it is very possible that the script will be cut in half to make it two episodes, instead of a full feature film. The first part with its battle scenes can be a little longer to make the pilot a 90 minute kick off, or a grand opening to the series.

All of the principal characters are in this first 60 pages of the script. It would definitely cut the budget in half as well. But I am not doing this to cut the budget. I just cannot shake the thoughts that I need to slow things down a bit that allows as previously stated, the viewers time to absorb what is happening.

This means that there are at least four episodes that are finished. This is great for investors because we are actually able to show them, how far ahead we are and what the projected path for the series is as a whole! And after each episode, there will be a scene for the next one – this to help the anticipation.


I am hopeful that we are finally on the right path, (with the projected path), finally leading us in the best possible direction! It’s exciting and to God be all the glory. My heart and soul are shattered. But in Him, I know I can keep moving forward and the brokenness I feel, can and will be put to good use. Mike will live on, through the General Michael Moses McDaniels.

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