We are working on spins and jumps to add to the skating program. I have been under an extreme amount of stress lately. When I feel I am not skating my best, I take it pretty hard and get determined to do better. Then I tend to overdo it to the point, I exhaust myself. But the program is coming along and thankfully I have the next 8-9 months to get this right. I have to do a lot of off ice training that I am not the best at. I know that consistency is the key to any workout, and skipping a few days or even a week, doesn’t help. The guilt shows up and I feel even worse about myself. I never skip out on skating. It is part of who I am. But, if I am not being faithful to go to Jazzercise or power walk regularly, I am hurting my progress. But stress can be a hinderance…”a thing that provides resistance, delay, or obstruction to something; a hindrance to the development process.” My development has been hindered because of stress and fatigue. I need to rise above it all and just do what I need to do and still allow myself some healthy rest time.

I have a job to do. Until people see the film, my skating doesn’t appear to be a job. But, it is. I am the skating double to the leading lady and I have to get it right to do Summer Ray and the film justice. I am well on my way and that I am thankful for. Cathy is an amazing coach and I am so blessed to work with her. But it isn’t just about technique. It’s about so much more – like flexibility, eating right, drinking water (I even have an app to remind me that I don’t use), grace, balance, being fit etc. I am learning about skin care and doing a much better job at what are supposed to be daily routines. But there again, life gets in the way and I am not consistent. But A-LIST actors and actresses are definitely consistent. I need to study some of these actors. I might only have a 30 second cameo and also the skating scene, but this is serious business! I have to get it together and overcome my lack of turning much needed duties into habits.

I have to think like a star! I have to think like someone who is fully funded and that I am in the process of making this pilot a huge success, with the many people Father God is sending and has sent my way. My muscles might not like all of the strength training, but my future self will love it. My skating certainly loves it when I see how much better I am as a skater after I have worked out. So, this week – I am skating, power walking, going to Jazzercise, drinking more water, not neglecting my skin care, eating right – well sort of, and anything else that I need to do to contribute to the health and well being of me, and this project. I am working on taxes and checking off the boxes as I finish my, “to do” list. I am working on my office and getting myself more organized. It takes a lot of weight off and I can use that much needed energy for the project. I have talked myself happy. God is good!

Juliana Love

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