Along with expanding our website, we are expanding our merchandise.

Each card on the inside has a scripture. We are a faith based story and I feel we must do more to inspire the world with God’s goodness. We all need encouragement. I want to empower people to never give up on their dreams, or on themselves.

Summer Ray’s mission is to, “Light the World.” We all know its current state has grown very dark. But I believe that God’s light will shine forth. Summer Ray has grown in ways I never could have imagined, when I first started writing the series over twelve years ago. I believe that God is raising this story up for such a time as this. When the world is in utter chaos, we are bringing forth His love and light, in a story of redemption that the world is in desperate need of. Everyone needs Jesus! We are doing our part to preach the gospel globally.

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel…” Mark 16:15

We might be doing it thru the film and TV industry, online, blogs, DVD, theaters, books, merchandise etc., but nonetheless, we are still doing our part. My blogs are read all over the world. So, I know this film will also be seen all over the world as well. It is an incredible responsibility to create something that other people will be influenced by. Our goal is to help bring people to Jesus, with the knowing that He can help make their lives better. All we can do is be a light that leads to Him. But Summer Ray is about real life. I added a copy of the description:

“This Fair and Blighted Land” is the beginning of a fascinating series that follows Summer Ray and Col. McDaniels in their individual struggles to find peace and healing from the past. The author skillfully intertwines the two stories as she blends the present with the past, the physical with the spiritual. In a culture where ghost stories are multiplying exponentially, this book stands alone, bringing together angels, demons, and ghostly Unknown soldiers in a story of evil and good, unbearable pain, timeless bitterness, and ultimate redemption. Through it all, Summer clings to her faith in her ever-loving God, but she can never imagine how the twists and turns of her future will shape her and the future of Gettysburg. This book is easy to start but impossible to put down, and it will leave you longing for the next chapter, the next book, right up to the final climax.”

To view all the books please click https://thememoirsofsummerray.com/the-summer-ray-book-series/. To view the books on amazon, simply click on each individual book cover.

It might take a few months to get the store up and running. The books will also be offered signed by me, and other merchandise signed by some of the characters. All the mugs will have the yellow handle and lining on the inside that are special to Summer Ray. Thanks for being a part of our Summer Ray world.


Bible Reference: www.biblegateway.com KJV

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