Skating today was amazing. On February 23, 2022 – I finally did my first real sit spin. I only had 2 1/2 revolutions, but it was awesome. My coach – Wow! She’s outstanding. Will continue to work on it till I get lower and definitely need more revs.

Each second of the entry and the spin needs to be precise or it doesn’t work well and we lose our balance and spin off center. Or, it doesn’t work at all and we fall. I know because I gracefully slid into one. Thankfully, being lower to the ice – I am not so afraid of falling and I am able to concentrate on the move. Just a few adjustments and, Wow! I did it. Thank you GOD & CATHY! Learning this spin, will help me learn the scratch spin. I can’t feel my left leg. It is very difficult for me to gauge where my right leg is, if I get it across my left leg or not. I have lots of bruises to prove otherwise. So, the stronger I get with the sit spin and balance, the better I will be at learning the scratch. My back spin is also coming along as well. These spins are needed for my skating program in the film. We are getting closer with each practice and I am so happy to finally start to see it all come together.

Official Storyboard “A Redemption In Time”
Love Studios Copyright 2021/2022

My program is no longer a pairs one, as we added another element that is more in line with the book. My biggest fear with the funding is having to pitch to an investor. But like the above, if I can learn to do something that relates to pitching, maybe pitch to my Fiscal Sponsor or pitch to friends and family, I can learn to be comfortable with it. I can make those minor adjustments and see the spin work. I can see the investors getting interested in our project to. I am excited to be taking From the Heart Productions (www.fromtheheartproductions.com) “Intentional Filmmaking” class in about two weeks. At first, I was very intimidated by this class. But I broke all the homework down into different pieces, printed everything out, taped things to my desk and I feel I am ready to take the class and get this class behind me. I am learning how to present our project in the best possible way and it is so exciting.

Right now, our Summer Ray showcase is in Texas at the Content22 Film Festival & Media Summit. I am also keeping my fingers and toes crossed as I am hoping to win an award. I will know soon enough.

But for now, it’s back to studying and preparing the project for the pitch!!!

Juliana Love

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