So, we have been very busy working on a showcase display for our the CONTENT22 Film Festival in Texas.

Summer Ray is nominated for:

The picture below is our good friend and old landlord, Rebecca. She is the owner of Civil War Tails in Gettysburg. She and her sister are the amazing storyboard artists. Rebecca helped tremendously on the making of the shadowboxes.

This is Eileen who helping with Jason’s Lt. Colonel uniform.

Both Rebecca and Eileen play themselves in the film. I wanted to create a story that was real and authentic, even though it is a historical fiction media. In the coming weeks, I am taking an Intentional Filmmaking Class with our Fiscal Sponsor – Carole Dean of From the Heart Productions! I am trusting that once I get my focus straight, and intentionally go after this funding, I will have it. Intentionally is defined as: “deliberately,” and “on purpose.” It also means with “clear intent, careful thought or consideration.” I am ready to get this done. Or in other words, I am ready to do what I need to do, to get our funding so we can start production. It’s an exciting time. But, I have had some major setbacks in my personal life that I am just starting to come out of. If I didn’t have the help on the shadowboxes, I wouldn’t have been able to get them done. If I am not getting help with direction for funding, I wouldn’t be able to do it on my own. I have tried. So, it is okay to get the help we need, to move us forward in our dreams. I thank God that Summer Ray is making progress. I am ever so thankful to the people He sent me to, who graciously offered to help. It took a very long time to lift this project off the ground. But I am happy to say, “It is finally lifted.” To God be all the glory!!!

Juliana Love

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