Cathy and I have been working hard on this new program for the film. She is an incredible skater and coach. I am so blessed that she is both my coach and friend. In the 2nd clip, I am working on getting my lunge back. I used to do it so well – many years ago. But new boots, 2 broken wrists, and recovering from an illness, I was terrified to try it again. This fear would rise up and almost choke me. I knew I could do it. But I just couldn’t on the ice. I would work on it off the ice and at home. But the thought of crashing and getting hurt again – prevented me from even trying. This was until last week when these videos were recorded. I have work to do on the lunge, but I broke through my fear and just did it. At first, I held onto Cathy’s hand. But she is an amazing coach. She never allows me to use her as a crutch for too long. She knows that doesn’t help. So, she had me try it on my own. This clip shows the first time in years that I have actually been able to do a lunge, even if it was just for a second. The hardest part was getting over my fear. Now, I no longer have that fear and I KNOW eventually my lunge will be where it needs to be, as well as my sit spin that I have to do, right before the lunge. Today February 4th, was the first time I have ever been able to do a sit spin. I think I had like two revolutions that were low and correct. It is these types of conquering fears that are moving this film and myself along.

It is the same thing with conquering my fear of having to pitch the film to investors. It’s the same concept. My lunges will get better with practice. My sit spin, toe taps, Waltz jumps, spins – it will all improve with practice. This also includes off ice training, and why I love power walking and Jazzercise so much.!

My pitch will get better with practice too, and why I am taking From the Heart Productions “Intentional Filmmaking Class.”! I am investing in the project with both my skating and this class. But I am also investing in myself. On the wall at Jazzercise, Tina the owner has this on the bulletin board:

This is such an incredible reminder because of its profound truth. I work on all kinds of projects. But if I am not working on the most important one of all, me….the other projects won’t get my best. This is why I am so thankful that I have the best coaches and mentors. But I also have to be willing to break free from the fears that hold me back. What about you? What fears are holding you back that are stopping your progress? I knew that if I couldn’t get these moves done that the program would be less that what it needed to be. I couldn’t let that happen. I am 100% in, not half and half. This requires me to get myself out of my comfort zones and just do what makes me scared. I did and I will continue to do so!

What about you?


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