Volume 1

I remember the day this book arrived as if it were yesterday. But it was ten years ago. I was excited, but deep down inside I felt the story wasn’t complete. Volume 1 grew to 5 more volumes and I am still writing the 7th. (to view volume 1, just click on the book cover below).

Volume 1

As we start our 13th year, with the first script nominations added, we certainly have come a long way.

I believe in this project and why I stay with it. I am driven to see it succeed because of its importance. If we can save one soul from suicide, or Hell – seriously, how can we not succeed? We MUST succeed. It isn’t an option. But part of getting to that success, are all the steps that MUST be taken a long the way. If I don’t know how to fund my film, I need to learn from those who do know how. If I didn’t send my script out for “coverage” and allow a professional script writer the chance to critique it, I wouldn’t have my script where it is today. If I want a professional project that leads to success, then I have to learn how to be a professional. I have learned a great deal. But I am still learning.

I am reading an incredible book by Norman Vincent Peale (to view the book, please click on the book cover),

but I am getting ready to take a very intense filmmaking class – and I have to pitch my project. Well, fear instantly grips me as soon as I think about it. But if I can’t pitch my project in a classroom with my Fiscal Sponsor, how can I do that in a room full of investors? I know the above book is a GODSEND. I lack self-confidence in how I might present the project. I do not lack the confidence in the story. I just lack confidence in my ability to present it correctly. But I can learn how to present the project correctly. So, all hope it not lost. I can do this. But I have to remind myself that I can. In one of her newsletters, or blogs Carole Dean of From the Heart Productions www.fromtheheartproductions.com (our Fiscal Sponsor for the project) wrote the following:

This is taped to my desk. I have to get this inside my being, and not words or thoughts of doubt. Investors will see if I have confidence in myself and in my film. This – TRUTH, will make or break a film funding meeting. If I have no confidence in myself, they will doubt my confidence in the film and will keep their money to themselves. It is that simple. NO! I can’t let that happen. My passion and my confidence must shine forth. But, in all honestly – it doesn’t when it comes to me pitching. So, I am working on it and I will get my pitch and myself where it needs to be. I have to!

Juliana Love

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