I tend to forget that God also works behind the scenes. We don’t always see what He is doing, or creating, and it can be discouraging when results are not immediately shown, or not shown after a long period of waiting. But because God is faithful, results of what He has been working on – do show up. The desires do come if we do not give up! The Bible states:

 “Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life.

Proverbs 13:12

With Summer Ray – people have doubted that we will ever get this project finished. But what they fail to realize is that I am taking this project day by day. I am no longer in a rush because I have learned that God is in control. This gives me great peace. I still have anxiousness (at times) because I want to be at a certain place already, but I do trust that Father God knows best. I still have to trust in His timing.

For instance, I have wanted to get Jason’s Union uniform for like forever. But it took ten years to do so. Eileen in the picture below is also in the film and is the role of herself.

Jason Shindledecker has been with the project for the past ten years and is the supporting role of the (Civil War) Union Lt. Colonel George Jameson. I named this character George Jameson because of my love for George Washington and the James River in Virginia. GJ has a lot of Irish in him and is the supporting role to the Union Colonel Michael Moses McDaniels!

Summer Ray’s blankets

The blankets will take a combined of six months to complete. The candles for the Ben Franklin scene, I just happened to stumble upon. The same with the candle holders. But they are hand blown for authenticity. The candles are hand dipped.

Each scene has to be carefully prepared for their time periods. I can’t have the wrong stuff in the the wrong time period. Just like the uniforms cannot just be added without careful consideration of what regiment the soldiers were in, or their rank. The shoulder boards in the above picture are for a Lt. Colonel in the Union Army. Imagine if I just threw on shoulder boards for a General. It would show laziness on my part and that I just didn’t care. But I do care. This film is the beginning of the entire series and we have to make sure it is done right, and done well. To God be the Glory. I have to keep my standards where He wants them to be. In February – we will be going into our 13th year. I am also going to be taking an Intentional Filmmaking Class with our Fiscal Sponsor – Carole Dean of From the Heart Productions. (www.fromtheheartproductions.com). But why now? Well, I wasn’t and the project wasn’t ready until now. This is what I mean by God’s timing. I would have been totally overwhelmed by not being prepared to take this class. One of the teachers Tom Malloy (www.tommally.com) always says to, “Be prepared.” I can’t go into an investors meeting not knowing my project that would be seriously stupid. I also need to care about myself and how I present myself. I can’t look sloppy or have bad posture. I have to walk into the room with confidence. Carole in one of her podcasts had Gary Hankins on who wrote the book below. If you click on the cover it will take you to it on Amazon.

Perseverance accomplished what at first seemed impossible.”

Colonel Henry Knox – American Revolution

When experts teach us, we need to not only listen but also to act upon their instructions. This is for our success. It doesn’t help in any way for us to get angry, if we have to be corrected. Pride doesn’t work for us, it works against us. Humility goes a long way. I am teachable because I want my film project to succeed. Isn’t that the main objective for our films… to succeed? I know it is for me, and I take this project and what my mentors teach me very seriously. I am so very blessed with the people God has brought into my life, to show me the way in the Entertainment business. It is a business – let’s not ever forget that!

Juliana Love

reference: Bible http://www.gateway.com

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