Cathy and I had a great lesson today. I had a few weeks off the ice and it was nice. But back to hard training and getting this program going. Today she (sneakily) added a few more steps. Each move – needs a transition move added and those are (for me) at times, not so smooth.

I can do a waltz jump. But it’s the side hop in between the 2 jumps that I stumble on. But today had a lot of success with it. So, I am happy that the waltz jump, side hop and the 2nd waltz are coming along. It is always nice to have improvement and progress. Once the moves are mastered together, it will be exciting to see them. Can’t wait!

I also added bunga gel pads to my ankles. This actually helps the skates grip better. It is these types of adjustments and transitions that truly are so important that many of us don’t actually think about. A 2.24 minute program will take hundreds of hours to create. But it took thousands of hours, to get to where I could actually do a program in the first place. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! Next day on ice – Friday the 28th~ I added another train day; plus Jazzercise, plus power walking, plus stretching….it’s all necessary to be the absolute best skater I can be!

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