Our next step with the project is to do a, “proof of concept,” video. It is defined as: “A proof of concept short film demonstrates to potential producers the viability of your film idea. They should showcase the main ideas, tone and themes of your feature film version, as well as giving you an opportunity to show off your filmmaking craft.

The hard part, it is to “showcase the main ideas, tone and themes.” Summer Ray has so many power points that I had to stop thinking about it for a day or two, and just drive the battlefield taking snow pictures.

Gettysburg Battlefield
Bottom of Big Round Top across from Devil’s Den (Slaughter Pen)

I kept hearing the word, “prioritize” running around in my head. It is defined as: “designate or treat (something) as more important than other things; determine the order for dealing with (a series of items or tasks) according to their relative importance.” My problem in life is a lack of consistency. “Consistent” is defined as: “acting or done in the same way over time, especially so as to be fair or accurate.” One of the synonyms for consistent is, “stable.” It means to be “firmly fixed; well balanced, emotionally stable; solid.” I have these goals that I truly want to keep, then life gets in the way and I tend to feel like a failure. It sucks because I know I am not. But, I also know I could do better.

It pretty much seems like everything I do, the main goal is for the film. Whether I am skating, working out, walking, writing, rewriting, having meetings, going to the battlefield, working on the websites, doing crowdfunding, spending time with my family etc., the film is never far from my heart.

Right now, the main focus is the proof of concept video. Thankfully, there are two incredibly professional cinematographers, who are helping with this and I am not so alone in trying to figure it all out. But because I have this to focus on, I simply cannot get scattered thinking of other parts of the production. I must focus on the immediate matters at hand.

I am thankful, I have at least a year to get my part of the skating program where it needs to be.

But it also requires focus and off ice training as well. There are only so many hours in the day and I seriously have to be determined to prioritize my time. Thinking of what scenes to showcase is incredibly difficult because there are I believe, 300 scenes to choose from. The main ideas, tones and themes well, I need to get to work!

Till next time,


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