Happy New Year! I am so looking forward to all that is happening this year in 2022! Not only is production in sight, so is distribution for either 2023 or 2024. We have turned the corner from the past of development…finally. Mind you, it took over twelve years as we start our thirteenth year next month.

When I first started out, things looked like this….a mess!

Now things are starting to look like this….

Summer Ray’s blanket

It is difficult to continue on when things look so much like the top picture. But God sees the potential in the mess and what things will be, if we do not give up. But the process is very hard to walk through when all we see are scattered yarn pieces, and we wonder how in the world can anything good come of them.

Right now, I am working on building our audience and working on learning how to promote the book & film via the website and social media. It is way over my head with all of these “search engines.” I am at the top photo part and very overwhelmed. But I know it is important, so I am adjusting my time to learn it. Social media is now part of our daily life and a fantastic way to to promote. I am also working on billboards and how to expand across the country with them. Marketing is a must and now that we are ready for it, it is time to expand it.

We have to get ready for the increase, the growth, and the broadening of our horizons.

I plan to have billboards in all 50 states and it will be costly. But I do not believe marketing is something that we can skimp on. It is like buying extra insurance, just to make sure that all bases are covered. Summer Ray WILL be on a billboard in Times Square at some point!

Old book cover!

I love New York City, and why it is such a huge part of the story. Even thinking about it, I get excited.

We have to keep moving forward, regardless of the issues facing not only America, but the world. Summer Ray’s mission is to “Light the World.”

We simply cannot only look at the mess. We have to see passed it, to the recovery and the regaining of restoration. Which, I wholeheartedly believe, is part of Summer Ray’s mission!

I wish you and yours a very happy & prosperous new year!



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