Then Jesus said to them again, “Peace to you; as the Father has sent Me, I also send you 

(as My representatives).” John 20:21

Confederate Avenue; Gettysburg, PA

Although Summer Ray is not a “Christian” film, it is a faith based film.


Our purpose for Summer Ray is to Light the World.

It is our goal to help bring people out of the pits of despair and darkness,

by giving them the messages of hope of the Lord Jesus Christ that are intertwined throughout the story.

To bring authentic, wholesome faith-based books and films to the world; by promoting truth, love and humanitarianism.

To effectively expose the “unfruitful works of darkness” by shining the light of the gospel courageously, boldly and without denominational religion.

To be strongly driven by the needs of the lost and be compelled into action, in a manner that protects human dignity.

To maintain a manner of excellence, by keeping core values of human welfare, social goodness, kindness and benevolence; through storylines pertaining to fiction and nonfiction as well.

The story of Summer Ray is being sent into the world and in fact, in many countries, it already is. Technology has advanced so far that I can hit the “Publish” button, and this blog will reach the globe. I simply cannot wait to finally be at a place where we can distribute the feature film worldwide. What a glorious day that will be as I know the messages of hope can lead people to Jesus. But, this series is also about war and fighting against the forces of evil. It’s not a feel good story all the time. It is a powerful presentation of real emotion that we as humans, can relate to. So, I do not want to paint a rosy picture as this picture not only has the roses, but the thorns too. Which is ironic because the day I fell down Big Round Top in February 09, 2009, it was a thorn bush that cut my hand open, and literally how the story of Summer Ray began.

Be true to your story!

Bible reference: amp


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