Let’s talk about the “re’s.” Rebranding, relaunch, reinvent, refresh, remodel, rework, reboot, reissue…I could go on and on. Rebrand is defined as, “change the corporate image of; modify, change, revamp.” Revamp is defined as “give new and improved form, structure, or appearance to.” This also applies to me as the author of the story, screenplay writer, and 80% owner of the production company. If I want to reboot the system because things have frozen, or gotten all jumbled up somehow, I just stop – and then restart fresh. I do not reset and wipe out all my progress. I just stop, take a few breathing minutes, collect my thoughts then start again. What do I need to do different to move the books series and the film series forward? I need to relaunch and rebrand.

I am also a motivational and inspirational author; governmental author, photographer and coach. I need to relaunch the first book in the Summer Ray Series. (To view the book, please click on the picture).

This will help to create a buzz around it that will in turn, help to promote the feature pilot – A Redemption in Time,! Now that most of the development work is done, I can take the time to start a relaunch. I can once again, reintroduce the story worldwide. What I love so much about Amazon, is that the books can be translated into different languages. They can send the books where I cannot. I have also started to reread the book series. I started it twelve years ago and I am now finishing up the 7th and final volume. This is to make sure that the story is where it needs to be. My writing style has matured and I am hoping I don’t need to change anything, but maybe enhance on what is there!

With the rebranding and marketing, all of this takes team effort. I am looking for outside marketing help. I do this with the screenplay. I advertise to over 10,000 different film festivals and so far the interest, has been outstanding. It’s all about networking and connection.

We all know if the networks are down, we cannot use our internet. If our connections are bad, we cannot use our cell phones. Connection is extremely important. How we communicate our brands and ourselves are extremely important. What is it that draws people to Summer Ray? I have to find the “hook.”! “To sell your title, your movie must be distinct and memorable. You need to make your movie REMARKABLE.”

Remarkable is defined as: “worthy of attention, extraordinary, exceptional, astonishing, astounding, striking, surprisingly impressive, shocking, breathtaking, magnificent.” I could add more adjectives, but I think you get the idea. Remarkable is NOT mediocre – or in other words – poor quality. But the issue is finding the hook in the story that will create the much needed buzz. This will attract investors as well as viewers. All are needed for a successful distribution.

When I think of buzz, I think of honey bees and how they are attracted to and feed on nectar and pollen. Then, they go and pollinate other plants.

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It is a grand cycle that is so extremely important to our planet. The buzz must also be created with the story of Summer Ray, so it can reach a bigger audience worldwide. This is an important story as it is geared toward, “Lighting the World.” But, it starts with a rebrand!

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