You want me to do what? Yes! Sometimes I need Cathy to draw patterns on the ice, so I can understand better what she is talking about. We pretty much have the first 20 seconds of the program and now that January 1st is almost upon us, I am suddenly aware that the program will be filmed within 12 months after. That seems like a long time. But it’s not! It’s a lot to perfect and it’s a lot of hard work. But so worth it all.

Yesterday was the first time my scratch spin was an actual “scratch spin.” My right leg was across my left leg; my right skate was across my left knee and pointed down my left leg. It actually shocked both Cathy and myself. We were very happy and surprised. But I work on the spin in my kitchen. I have been working out at Jazzercise. I power walk. I am trying really hard to focus on my skating. We are also starting to add jumps, spins, spirals and transitions. This also means lots of stretching!

2021 came with a lot of setbacks. I am looking forward to 2022 with a lot of wonderful pieces finally coming together to form a beautiful production, included with lots of sparkle in the skating program.


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