As incredibly hard as 2021 was, still some amazing things happened. After eight, maybe nine long years of working on the script, it was finally nominated.

So, that made my 2021 much better. Now that we are going into 2022, my goal is to start production, finish the skating program and promote the book series too. I am also going to work on getting to Jazzercise at least 150 times in 2022, then I can earn a tote bag or T-Shirt. (not exactly sure what the gift is). But I am going to get it, what ever it is. This is called, determination. It is defined as, “firmness of purpose; resoluteness.” But it also will take will power. Trust me, there are 10,000 excuses that show up on Jazzercise day and sometimes on skate day. It is tough to be in training. But I do it for me. I do it for the film. We will only have one chance to succeed or fail at this pilot and we MUST succeed. Failure is NOT an option! I can only trust that once we are at the premiere that our cast and crew will have done everything humanly possible, to make the pilot a smashing success, ALL with God’s favor of course!

But something I did today really upset me. Which, mind you, I promptly fixed. But there was a woman on a Facebook page asking for advice on how to be a better skater. She was a beginner and I left that phase fifteen years ago. I said (to myself), “I don’t have time to help you as I am passed that level.” YIKES! What was I thinking? I immediately went back on the page and offered some hopeful advice and congratulated her on coming back to the ice. But, it stuck with me. I think this is where so many of us miss great opportunities to help other people, by not investing what we have learned into their lives.

If you have followed my blogs, you have read about climbing that ladder to the top. But let me just also insert something. Every rung climbed is success. Milestones are crossed, progress is made and that my friends, is still success. We need to be proud of it and celebrate. It might not be the ultimate success that we are climbing to get to, but even the little victories, joined together with other little victories, make huge ones!

Photo by Pille Kirsi on Pexels.com

But once we get up to the top, let’s not forget the climb it took to get there. Let’s help invest in other lives by offering them the sound advice that we, ourselves received. I know our Fiscal Sponsor Carole Dean of From the Heart Productions www.fromtheheartproductions.com always reaches down to help me up. I want to invest into others, what she and my other coaches have invested into me. I am not saying that we can help everyone. But the ones we can, we need to. It took me less than a minute to reply to that Facebook post. Truly, we can spare a few minutes out of our busy days to be helpful.

Kindness matters and it matters a lot! Once I reach 365 blogs, I am going to put them in a devotional for Indie filmmakers. Maybe I can share part of the profits, and help other filmmakers by donating that money to From the Heart. I cannot allow myself to forget that I too, along with Summer Ray, started out at the bottom rung.

Let’s always stay humble and kind. Let’s not forget the bottom when we get to the top, nor the people we met along the way. LET’S ALWAYS STAY HUMBLE & KIND!

So please allow me to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

All My Best,

Juliana Love

reference: dictionary.com

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