I hope all of you who celebrated Thanksgiving had a wonderful day. Covid messed up my plans as I came down with almost two weeks earlier. I did manage to get out, and go for a brisk hike around Big Round Top.

Bottom of Big Round Top; Gettysburg

Every Thanksgiving, I come here and hike. This is where the story of Summer Ray began. It looks a lot different in the ice and snow, when I climbed the hill.

View where I first went up the hill!

In February 2022, we are staring our 13th year of Summer Ray. The battlefields to me are ageless, and I will never grow weary walking them. Still, I have tried to make the story as unpredictable as possible. For instance, have you ever been inside a haunted house tour for Halloween, where around a corner something leaps at you and scares the living daylights out of you? So, you prepare yourself for what could be lurking around the next turn. You take slower steps. You are intently watching for any dark shadows and when you get there, nothing happens. So, you let your guard down because you think you are safe. When all the sudden, bam! Right there in front of you, a zombie jumps out wielding an axe. You scream and run like hell. This is how it is with Summer Ray.

I don’t think this story fits into any particular mold. It has many different faucets that when joined together, it creates an epic adventure for the whole family. I believe this is why Summer Ray has stood the test of time and why we continue to move forward with the project. I know of a few projects that have quit for various reasons and it’s a shame! It’s a lot of time and effort to waste on something. Some have said that Hollywood will refuse their projects and they cannot find the funding, or the networks. I say, “God is above Hollywood and He owns the cattle on a thousand hills. The earth is His!” My trust is not in Hollywood. My trust is in Father God. He will make this story come to life and He will find us the right funding, and the right way to distribute it. He will open the doors that NO MAN CAN SHUT! My job is to keep knocking on doors and not give up!

Ask and keep on asking and it will be given to you; seek and keep on seeking and you will find; knock and keep on knocking and the door will be opened to you.”

Matthew 7:7

Photo by Dmitry Zvolskiy on

You cannot just knock on one door and quit. I have knocked on tons of doors and no one has answered. But I believe that the days are coming, when those doors will be opened; we will get what we have asked for; and we will find what we seek! I just have to keep moving forward as the answers could come at any second.

Don’t quit!


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