Got to love 2021! Okay, well sort of…not really? The vaccines I got in March, it took four months for me to get over. Then in the midst of that mess, I broke my left wrist in four places; then broke a rib; then got Covid. At this point, it is almost laughable! But some very good things happened this year too because as bad as it was – it was as awesome! For the first time since I started the Summer Ray story, my script was nominated for awards.

I found FilmFreeway and it put Summer Ray on the map:


My Summer Ray blogs have reached over 25 different countries:


Amazon finally went to hard book cover for independent authors:

I am part of an amazing book project with our Fiscal Sponsor From the Heart Productions: www.fromtheheartproductions.com.

My personal health struggles and injuries – didn’t stop me and my coach from starting the skating program for the film. I finally started Jazzercise and have met some of the most amazing and inspiring women!

We also participated in a walk to prevent suicide, which is one of Summer Ray’s storylines.

When I stood at the luminaries for Remembrance Day in Gettysburg, I could physically see what I needed to change in the script to make it better.

Gettysburg National Cemetery

But still dealing with the aftermath of Covid, I couldn’t quite put it all together in a day. This absolutely depressed me. Normally, I can spin like a top and get things done very fast. I feel at times that my insides are running ahead of me, and my body has to catch up – or the finances and circumstances have to as well. I am already at production, while still in pre-production. I just want so badly for people to see what I see in my mind. But it isn’t something I can do on my own, and what I am responsible for can only be done at the pace my body and minds allows for it. Burn out is not healthy for anyone for any reason. On the ice with this program, I have learned to give myself one year to get the program where I need it to be. I refuse to push myself too hard anymore for this project. God is quite able to help me get it where it needs to be without me harming myself or anyone else for that matter.

It might seem awfully slow and going into our 13th year, yeah – it’s been slow. My faith has been tested and I have been tempted to give up. But never have and never will. My hope has vanished into the sunset and unless there is something else to carry this across the finish line – Summer Ray is doomed!

Who against hope believed in hope…” Romans 4:18. Abraham had no hope of Sarah having a son because she was 90 years old and he was 99. Everything was against the hope of it being true. So, he had to believe in hope anyway. “Faith is the assurance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1. So just like Father Abraham, I am believing in hope.

The Lord wants me to start making progress toward opening up my bookstore/coffee shop in Gettysburg. I was like, “You know it is way over my head.” This bookstore will house all my Summer Ray books, merchandise and a whole lot more. When I am overwhelmed, I have to give my thoughts to God. I have to lean more into Him and allow His will to be done. I just have to have the mindset and viewpoint of,

Thank You, God. You are with me in all of this and You will help us with getting the film finished and getting the store opened. Just please show us the way and what we are to do.”

It takes a lot of pressure off of me knowing that God is with me. So onward to 2022! May it be a much healthier, brighter, prosperous and happier new year, as we go into our 13th year and finally start production! To Father God be all the glory!

If you would like to donate to our project, please click on the donate button below. All US donations are tax deductible via our Fiscal Sponsor – From the Heart Productions.

Thank you for your generous support of our project!

We are truly blessed and honored that you are helping us to, “Light the World!”

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