The picture above is the beginning of Summer Ray’s 1980’s patch quilt, and will be seen in the pilot. But in order for it to look like a beautiful blanket, it first looked like this below, a huge mess!

I am using up all of my old scraps, and skeins of yarn. I have more in a crate as well. But there have been times when the project also looked like a “huge mess” with bits and pieces of stuff everywhere. It was hard to imagine something amazing was actually being created. The Bible states in Ecclesiastes 3:11, “He hath made every thing beautiful in his time.” Some translations state, “In its time.” But regardless, time is still in God’s hands. He is the one who is slowly crafting this project, to make it beautiful when the timing is right, for it to be shown to the world. So when “in its time” finally happens that will be the exact “in his time” that He appointed.

I have it now on my heart to not only get this quilt finished as soon as possible, but to also go out to thrift stores to find Summer’s bedroom furniture that we can paint to look like the 80’s. This is exciting because we are starting to get the props ready for each scene, starting with the above. The yarn didn’t cost me anything extra. The money was already spent on other things. So, basically the quilt cost nothing extra. We can probably find a dresser and night stand for dirt cheap, add some paint and new knobs, we just saved money on the budget. God is making this pilot beautiful in His time. It is starting to get fun. Where before, it was twelve years of hard work. But to be able to start to see the scenes come to real life, is awesome!

Your project might look messy at the moment, but please do not give up. Keep moving forward and soon you too will start to see the finished and beautiful scenes, created right before your very eyes.



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