This is now the 3rd blog I will write in regard to Halyna Hutchins. As a screenplay writer and filmmaker, I cannot get her off my mind, nor what happened to her. It was reported that she stayed on set because she felt responsible to finish the film, while other camera crew personnel walked off. Let me just state right here, that was a false sense of responsibility and she paid for it with her life! It wasn’t her place to carry the burdens of what was wrong on set. It was the producers and the director’s responsibility. Halyna should never had been put in a position, to feel the weight of the film was her’s to bear. It truly is tragic on every level. Those responsible need to be held accountable. Still, she made the choice to stand in front of a weapon, a supposed prop that should not have been trusted. The outcome, her family and the world lost a beautiful and talented person. My heart grieves!

Summer Ray has a lot to do with time travel.

Photo by Skitterphoto on

I wish I could turn time back and rewind the days, hours, minutes and seconds, and tell her not to stay on set, or at the very least tell her and those standing close to her to get the hell out of the line of fire! The very thing she was trying to avoid, stopping the livelihoods of the remaining cast and crew, is exactly what happened. I wish I could turn back time. But I cannot. I can only keep going forward because that is the direction that time is travelling. But let me just say that God did turn back time as ONLY He can do!

Behold, I will bring again the shadow of the degrees, which is gone down in the sun dial of Ahaz, ten degrees backward. So the sun returned ten degrees, by which degrees it was gone down.

Isaiah 38:8

Although I believe Father God lives outside of time, time is for us humans, and He can certainly turn it backwards as shown above. He can redeem it and why I believe the title to the film and TV series is so vital – A Redemption In Time! It will stay that name throughout the entire series till the final, “The End!” Time is valuable. It is precious and so often we waste it by doing, saying, and thinking the wrong things. I just turned fifty-nine. But I honestly do not feel like it. Still, I want to make a much better use of my time; learn about time management; and learn to be more appreciative of the time God is giving me, while alive on planet Earth. Back in 2016 my life hung in the balance of life and death. My lungs were in full respiratory failure. Since then, I struggle daily with the recovery. My focus is on the struggle and not on the fact God didn’t let me die. My focus is on the fact that I am on nocturnal oxygen to keep my oxygen levels above 90, and a CPAP to help me breathe at night.

Pic before I was also put on a CPAP!

I am very bitter about that not gonna lie. But, I shouldn’t be angry anymore that I was injured while intubated. I should be jumping for joy that my lungs can still breathe in and out. I should be happy that I can still love and hug my wonderful family (not pictured), smell and see the beautiful sunflowers,

walk the battlefields,

and see the ocean that I love so much.

Halyna, doesn’t have that luxury anymore. So please, let us all learn to appreciate time and not waste it anymore. Stop taking on false responsibilities that are not your burdens to bear. I need to learn to cast my burdens more on Jesus, especially this film and ALL that comes with it. Just recently, I had a major meltdown because the thought of having to handle so many people, freaked me out. Then the Lord reminded me that I have an amazing team that we are adding to, who will oversee what I cannot. I added Jason Shindledecker, who is also the Union Colonel George Jameson as our new Director of Historical Reenactments. Jason is an expert in weaponry and although we will also have other armorers, he will be in charge of all reenactors while on set. That decision alone, took a huge burden off of me. I trust that he can do the job and do it well.

Today, I am going to start to appreciate time. How about you?


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