Lunges are rough especially since I haven’t done them in so long. But with the extra muscle weight on my thighs, I need to get more flexible. I am also taking Jazzercise classes at Gettysburg and it is helping tremendously. The owner Tina, is amazing!

Okay, so after a few tries, I was able to get my left leg straighter and closer to the ice. But this is still not where it needs to be for the program. My right hip is too far toward the board. My face shows pain but at least my left hand and fingers are graceful. haha!

Skating is grace, elegance, flexibility, poise linear, flow, athleticism and those totally awesome and sparkly skating dresses :)! This picture below is easier but still not as low at the picture above. But over time, I WILL get where I need to be with this program.

This is called an “Attitude pose.” Both skating and jazzercise are helping to improve this stretch! Woohoo.

The video is the start of a few steps that will be turned into Waltz Jumps!

I felt great when I got home. But the stretches hurt the next day, so I didn’t do any exercising on Saturday, just rested. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. Do not over do it! I used to be hell bent on getting this program done as fast as possible. I broke both my wrist and rib in the process.


I kept forcing myself to get back on the ice after I had such bad reactions to the COVID vaccinations. I am still happy I got them. But I was still too weak. My first day back, I crashed and broke my wrist (not at this rink). Then after the doctor took the cast off, I put weight on my wrist that I wasn’t supposed to and fell hard into the bathtub and broke my rib. From March of 2021 to September 2021, I lost a lot of my skating. It wasn’t until the above pictures that I was actually feeling like a skater again. So, lesson learned. I am slowing it down and taking my time to learn this program! This may be the very last thing to film because of it. But then so be it. I am NOT pushing this or forcing it again!

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