What comes to my mind with all of this is, commitment. It is defined as “the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.” I love the definition of dedicated, “devoted to a task or purpose; having single-minded loyalty or integrity.”

It is for certain, I am devoted to Summer Ray and to my skating. In the first picture I was holding on to Cathy because I kept losing my balance. In the pictures, we are working on the opening pose for the program. Balance in this sport, is NOT an option. It took years of me being a figure skater and quite possibly it will take hundreds of hours on and of the ice, for us to get this 2.24 minute program as beautiful and artistic as it can possibly be. The pilot will be close to 2 1/2 hours. But it may take 14 years for you to see a 2 hour and a half hour pilot. It sounds crazy and somewhat absurd. But one doesn’t become a champion overnight. It takes years of dedication and hard work.

As we begin to put this program together and as I start to see it in bits and pieces, I am getting super excited because add the dress, sparkles, truly it will be ALL I had hoped. Yet, I usually have to fight my way to the rink or Jazzercise. I just don’t feel like working hard. That is where the diligence, consistency and obedience comes in. I have to train my mind and body, to obey what I know is right thing to do. Especially when the, “I don’t feel like it‘s,” happen. Since I started Jazzercise, I have already noticed a difference in my skating. But it took me years – to get enough gumption to go. I wasn’t aggressive enough with my health, or I didn’t take the initiative. I let my body control me, instead of me controlling it. I absolutely regret not joining Jazzercise sooner. But I don’t dwell on it. I just am thankful, I finally forced myself to get to class. Jazzercise has been like a missing link that I have been needing, to help make me a better skater.

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Before, I wasn’t able to connect certain moves as I wasn’t getting a deep enough edge, or my lunges weren’t stretched out enough. I thank God for Tina, the owner, and all the wonderful ladies who support and encourage me. Having Cathy as my figure skating coach, truly I am blessed and ever so grateful. She is by far one of the most beautiful and talented skaters I have ever seen. But by following this skating journey, you still won’t have the full effect until you see it in the film. It may look like a puzzle

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where nothing makes sense until all the pieces are put together. I used to get very discouraged until I understood that concept. I felt that with the screenplay. My first time sending it out for professional critique, it came back with (1) nice thing said about it. Now, it is being nominated for awards. But it took years also of practice, studying, writing and rewriting. But there were times when the “I don’t feel like it’s” would take over. Just like the rink or the dance floor. But once I am on the ice, or out on the dance floor – life is good. I am happy I pressed through the excuses. Life is about our choices. I want to be the skating double for the leading Summer Ray, so I have to do the work in order for that to happen and I am. To skate to a program as I wrote in the book, at the Rockefeller Center Ice rink at Christmas – is a dream come true and is worth the time and the effort put into it.


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