One of the biggest complaints I hear about the entertainment business, is that there is nothing new coming out of Hollywood. The story of uniqueness; the story that is one of a kind is like a rare gem that is desperately needing to be found. Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some Hallmark same ole’ sappy romance movies. But we know exactly how they will end and who ends up with who, the second we begin to watch a film. But still, they are feel good movies that make the world a better place! Oh and I still want to write a Christmas screenplay and then star in it. Of course, it will have to be centered around ice skating. Wish I was kidding…NOPE!

I refer to Summer Ray as the stand out story because it truly is unlike anything else out there. Yet we have to be successful without the normal Hollywood elements and have the story just stand on its own merits. Which I believe it will as we are original. The books have great reviews and I absolutely believe the feature film will have even more outstanding ones. People who read the books tell me that they can actually visualize what is happening. They can see the scenery just as its described. This is because a wonderful friend told me to, “Write the story like it’s a virtual tour.” Not only do I want to create a great story, I want it to be told as a cinematic masterpiece as well. This is why I always knew that Summer Ray was going to be a feature film. Many do not live in places where there are four seasons. Many love the Gettysburg battlefields and the history of it, but do not get to see it or experience it the way I do by living here.

I love to venture out in all kinds of weather conditions and go where others won’t or can’t. I just HAD to get to the battlefield to see it after an ice storm. Unspeakable beauty especially when the sun hits the trees. With the screenplay now being nominated for awards, I feel we are closer than ever to getting our funding. I have absolute faith that it will be here the second God wants it to be. My skating program is coming along in ways that I could not have imagined. Yet my skating coach and awesome friend Cathy, is helping me to get it to where I, and to where program needs to be.

You have to find your breaking point, then break it. Crossing over barriers that have blocked us for so many years, is an astonishing feeling. I had so many health issues and broken bones that I was devastated thinking I might not be the skating double. But I pushed through and am well on my way to living my dream of skating this program. It all depended on how much I really wanted it. It’s the same with how much I really want this pilot and series produced and distributed. If we really want the funding, we will find a way and God will help us with every step. It will be found.

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh

it shall be opened.”

Matthew 7: 7-8 kjv

I have asked. I am seeking. I am knocking. The funding is being given to us. We will find it and the doors that need to be open, will be. But I have to keep asking, seeking and knocking. Some people quit after the first three or four tries. NOPE! Not here at Summer Ray. God will help us to complete this project. If you would like to donate a tax deductible donation with lots of great perks, please click on the red donate button.

Thank you for being part of Summer Ray. We are truly dedicated to bringing a story that will inspire, encourage, entertain and reach out for the lost. The world as we know, is getting darker but God’s love and light still shines through. We want to help light the world and be an extension of Him.

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