My fiscal sponsor Carole Dean of From the Heart Productions, wrote the book below titled: The Art of Film Funding. I have read it so many times that the pages are starting to get worn out. I also have dates of when I read it, and my notes have dates as well. The information is so clear and concise that every Independent Filmmaker needs to read this book over and over again. (To view it on just click on the cover).

Over the years, as I have grown up into the film industry, so has my mental capacity to handle the understanding and the capabilities of being a filmmaker.

Whew! That was a mouthful. Carole writes: “Successful filmmakers understand that funding their project is as much an art as producing it.” This is also true being the screenplay writer. It has taken me seven long and tedious years to get my script “A Redemption in Time – Pilot” to a place where it is actually being nominated for awards. Five years ago, film festivals wouldn’t even touch it. Why? Because it wasn’t ready and it wasn’t polished. I had a lot to learn. The story was still developing and had I been funded back then, the project would have been a total flop! As they say, “You can’t rush art!”

Reading Carole’s book again, I have a much better grasp on what she is saying. If I look at funding the project with as much determination as I wrote the script, I will be funded in no time. But, there are artful ways to go about it. I can’t just throw this at someone and say, “Give me money!” Truly, that is insanely disrespectful both to the hearer and to the worth of the project. In her book, Carole gives many of those “artful ways.” So please get the book and use it like a Bible for film funding.

The art of film funding, is like perfecting a new craft. Reading, studying, understanding and accepting are key elements. But, so is being focused with the use of wisdom. For years, I didn’t have the confidence that I have now. Knowing I needed millions of dollars back then was a very hard thing for me to accept. So, I kept chipping away at my lack of confidence, and kept putting one foot in front of the other. If I had lacked confidence in my project, no one would have funded me. Shaky ground is still shaky ground and wise people are not going to walk across it, or a lake that is half frozen. Solid ground is what we need to be standing on with full confidence in our projects. I am 100% confident and trustful that my project is finally ready to be funded. Carole always talks about what is in my stomach. How does it feel? I have no sinking feeling when I express my trust in where the project is now, compared to where it was and that, is a huge mountain we have crossed over. I am ever so thankful to Father God who led me to Carole in the first place. I am ever so thankful that Carole took me under her wing and guided me selflessly all these years. From the heart is exactly how she lives and millions of people benefit from it.

I am ever so thankful I had this book to lead and guide me along the way. Still, there were years that I was not ready to be funded, because I did not have all the necessary elements ready; like the script, budget, look book, storyboards, film company, etc. But I have all those things now as well as nominations. So, we are ready and it is cause for celebration. Not only am I back to reading Carole’s book, I am also listening to and studying anything else she has on film funding. Her website is: If you are a serious independent filmmaker, From the Heart Productions is the place to go for guidance!



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