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Enthusiasm” is defined as “intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval; zeal, great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective.” For those who have been on the project that has moved at a snails pace, it is easy to lose one’s enthusiasm. But the work still needs to be done. It is a challenge to stay motivated when time has taken its toll. But we are exactly where we need to be. I thought the script was done. It wasn’t. Father God had me tweak it a little to have a bigger impact. The decision to have the pilot 60-90 minutes as opposed to 120 minutes is back on the table. Why? By adding these few other necessary scenes, if we have too much information, the viewers will be lost in the midst of it all and won’t be able to absorb what is going on, or feel its impact. We should feel something when we watch a film or a TV show; whether it is love, sadness, hate, anger, joy or all of the above. I love the word “absorb.” It is defined as “to take it all in.” We can plant seeds in a garden, but unless the ground can absorb and take the water all in, the seeds won’t grow. If the soil is too hard and water can’t get to where the seeds are, there is no crop or beautiful flowers.

An emotionless film is a dead film. Our mood board has over 14 different emotions. This is important because it shows that the film has substance, and is not dry and hard to our feelings. We will be moved to some kind of emotional reaction when we watch the film. But this type of response does not come easy for the writer, director or director of photography. It must be well versed; well thought out; and well executed and implemented on set. Are delays frustrating? Sure, if you look at them as a delay. I look at it as making the script better. The script is the foundation for the film. If the foundation is full of cracks, it is not strong enough to build upon. We must get this pilot right as we are building an entire series afterward.

Also because of the anger against Hollywood, my team and I have a lot of decisions to make as to how we will distribute this series. People are feeling more comfortable in their homes these days. If someone isn’t comfortable watching a film in a theater, we will gladly do what needs to be done in order for anyone to be able to view it at home.

*definitions – google


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